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29 Sep, 2023

How to apply for a japan visa in Dubai

How to apply for a japan visa in Dubai

According to Japan’s foreign policy, almost 68 countries are eligible to enter japan without a visa. Further, UAE is one of them. However, UAE residents having regular passports are eligible to enter japan without a visa. Thus, they can travel through japan for tourism or work purpose.

They can enter the country without a visa till their stay does not exceed 30 days. What can you do more in japan? One can meet their families, friends, or relatives. Moreover, if you are a business owner and want to attend a meeting in japan then you can do that. So, How to apply for a japan visa in Dubai?

Do you have a craze to explore various countries? If yes, then you can explore japan for 30 days without having a prior visa.  Accordingly, UAE residents still require a visa to enter japan. One must possess an e-passport in compliance with ICAO to the diplomatic mission of japan.

Furthermore, if you want to get employment or commercial activities then you must apply for a suitable visa.

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Types of japan visa and requirements for UAE residents

Here are the types and requirements of japan visas for UAE residents:

Tourist visa

Do you want to explore Japan for tourism? You can get a short stay japan visa for 90 days. Moreover, you can only obtain this visa from a travel agency.

Required documents to apply for a japan tourist visa

  • An application form
  • A passport
  • A copy of your passport
  • Copy of UAE residence visa, it must be valid upon returning from japan
  • Photos with white plan background
  • An ERFS certificate (must obtain from a travel agent in Japan)
  • Prepared documents from travel agent
  • A letter of guarantee is only required from Chinese nations

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Short-term visa for business affairs

This visa grants tourists to stay in Japan for 90 days. In addition, there are two types of short-term japan visas:

  • Single Entry Visa
  • Multiple Entry Visa

Only certain countries having visa exemption agreements with japan can avail of multiple entry short-term visas for japan.

Required documents for short-term japan visa

  • An application form
  • Original passport with color photocopy
  • Copy of UAE residence visa, this copy must be valid upon returning from japan

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Long term visa

People, who want to stay for the long term in japan or want to do work in japan, can avail of this visa. Further, you can apply for this visa if you want to stay for the long term either for work or other purposes.

Required documents for long-term japan visa

  • A copy of complete registration to the ERFS system
  • An application form
  • A passport
  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of UAE visa residence, this copy must be valid upon returning from japan
  • COE (certificate of eligibility) from the ministry of justice
  • If you have COE issued more than three months ago then a declaration letter is compulsory to submit.  In addition, it should be prepared by inviting organizations.
  • A copy of COE
  • A conformational letter is only required for students and technical intern trainers.

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Temporary visitor visa

This visa provides you the facility to meet with your relatives who live in japan.  This visa enables you to stay in japan for 90 days after the issuance date.

Required documents for temporary visitor visa

  • A visa application form
  • A passport with a color photocopy
  • A copy of UAE visa residence, this copy must be valid upon returning from japan
  • Photo of yourself with white background
  • An invitation letter must be written in Japanese or English.
  • Flight reservation record to or from japan
  • Documents showing relationship with your relatives living in japan
  • The purpose of the visit is also required
  • Koseki (a family register) was issued within the last three months. Further, it should be headed by the applicant’s Japanese spouse.
  • Photocopy of the residence card of your relative

An important note:

You may need to provide some additional documents as per requirements. Accordingly, all the above-discussed documents are basic that you must possess to travel to japan from UAE. However, you may need to provide all the required documents from a travel agency.

Procedure to apply for a japan visa in Dubai

  • You need to make a connection with a Japanese embassy or travel agency.
  • After selecting the visa type, accumulate all the required documents.
  • Submit these documents to the travel agency.
  • Wait for a few days until the visa processing is completed.
  • Concern again with the travel agency and they will inform you whether your visa is ready or you are not eligible. In addition, you may require submitting some additional documents. After approval of your visa, you can explore japan within three months.

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As we know that UAE provides visa-on-arrival facilities to certain countries. The same policy is followed by japan. There are almost 68 countries that do not require visas to enter japan.

However, it’s good news that the UAE is one of them. In addition, if you possess a UAE resident visa and want to explore japan then it’s quite simple and easy. Moreover, your UAE visa must be valid till your return from japan.

Anyhow, if we talk about how to apply for a japan visa in Dubai then you must concern with a travel agency or Japanese embassy. Japanese embassies may not accept individual visas request. So you can concern with travel agency present in UAE to get your japan visa.

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