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Prices are per passport
Visa prices include Travel Insurance.
A Refundable Security Deposit may be required for certain nationalities excluding families.
Tourist visas are extendable for 30 days or 90 days Only.
Visa Fee is Non Refundable in case of visa rejection.
Visa fee is non refundable should you decide to cancel your plan after the visa is applied.
There will be admin fee applicable if the visa application is cancelled soon after the payment due to change in travel plan and only if the visa application is not processed or applied. Our Admin fee is from $40 to $60.
Clear visa documents for visa process are required, If you failed to provide within a week time, your visa process will not be processed and no refund to be provided.
Please note that a visa application will be processed only after the required documentations are received and all the payments are cleared.
Visa approval is at sole discretion of UAE Immigration and approvals cannot be guaranteed.
Visa process takes maximum 4 working days. However, approval delay is from the immigration and not in our hands. We recommend you not to book flights or your accommodation until the visa is approved.
Applicants must leave the country on or before the last day of the visa expiry.
Failing to leave the country before the visa expiry, applicants would be penalized with AED 300 as fine for the first day and AED 100 fine for each subsequent day. In addition, traveler is absconded should he continue overstaying in UAE beyond the allowed stay which means you cannot obtain UAE visa again and cannot enter UAE because absconded travelers are blacklisted in the system.
Each applicant case will be carefully reviewed, and further verification may be required in some cases. In such situation, we may need additional documents.
Certain Airlines require a passenger “OK TO BOARD” updates in their system which needs to be done at least 5 hours before the scheduled flight departure. This will be a sole responsibility of the passenger him/herself. If you wish us to do it for you, extra charges will apply.
UAE Rules and regulations may change, and applicants will be informed about any new rule applicable for the related nationalities.
Visa price may change for some categories and applicants will be informed accordingly.