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Cheapdubaivisa.ae is a leading UAE visa specialist owned & managed by travel industry professionals providing UAE visa services for a decade. We have segmented the UAE visa category after a careful thought to cater to the needs of the communities in UAE and abroad to invite their loved ones such as siblings, parents, spouse, friends, and family members.

We pride ourselves on making the application process fast and easy, with a 99% approval rating. To apply, click the type of visa you need, fill out the basic information on the application form, attach your passport and required documents, and submit your payment. Our team responds to your request within one hour during office hours and within four hours after the close of the business day.

We handle over 500 visa applications every day and provide our clients with the personalized assistance and guidance they expect and deserve. In addition to our lightning-fast application process, we offer express services with guaranteed visa approval in less than forty-eight hours, which is the ideal choice for last-minute travel. We handle over 500 visa applications every day and provide our clients with the personalized assistance and guidance they expect and deserve. Due to frequent changes within the country, we keep our clients informed on the latest UAE visa rules and Dubai visa requirements, so you're never taken off-guard. We also respond quickly to tell you if there are any missing documents within your application and are upfront with the approval or rejection chances for clients located within high-risk countries.

Our expert team is dedicated to providing you with the information and assistance you need to make your application process go smoothly and efficiently. They process every visa without errors respond quickly to any questions you have or assistance you may need. We can pre-assess every visa application to give you feedback on your approval chances. We value integrity and will always give you correct and up-to-date information regarding your visa.

We are proud to have strong connections within the UAE Immigration Department, which allows us to process applications faster and provide more accurate feedback than any other company. Choosing to work with us means receiving direct assistance from an authorized agency with the ability to get you the fast, prompt service you deserve. Our local presence within the UAE helps us provide you with the optimized service that sets our company apart from the rest.

At cheapdubaivisa.ae, we offer first-class service you can't find anywhere else. Take, for example, the experience one of our customers had when applying for a last-minute visa.

"I had booked my holiday travel plans with Air Flights to Dubai, UAE, and was very excited for my much needed vacation. Before departure, I asked my travel agent if my visa was free and was surprised to discover that it wasn't because of my nationality. I rushed to find an authorized agency online that could help me procure a visa but was told repeatedly that because of the last-minute nature of my request, none of them could help me. Fortunately, I found Voyage Plan, and they assured me they could help. They applied for my visa immediately, and it was approved within six hours! They saved not only my holiday plans but also a significant amount of money since my bookings were non-refundable!"

We also provide special assistance to those traveling by cruise; our multi-entry visas allow you to easily travel back to Dubai without worrying about getting held up.