5 Year Multiple Entry Tourist Visa

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5 Year Multiple Entry Tourist Visa

It is a service that grants a Multiple entry Permit for 5 years stay in UAE. The stay must not exceed more than 180 days in a year. A stay of 90 days is allowed in a Single entry. However, it can be extended for a similar period once. 

How to Apply for 5 Year Multiple Entry Tourist Visa? 

You can apply for this service thru Mobile Ap or GDRFA website. 

1.  Create a Login to the smart services on the GDRFA website. 
2.  Look for this particular visa service to be applied. 
3.  Fill in the information as required. 
4.  Pay the charges as a final step to process the application. 



Documents Required 

  1. A Valid Passport for more than 6 months before the visa application. 
  2. A Recent Passport Size Photo in White Background 
  3. A Bank Balance proof of $4000 or equivalent amount in a foreign currency in the last 6 months. 
  4. A proof of Health Insurance Policy within the country 
  5. Residence proof in Dubai 
  6. Air Ticket Reservation 
  7. Financial Guarantee of AED 2060.00 payable to the Government 


USD 449.00

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