2 Years Investor Visa (Popular)

One of the newest types of long-term residence visas is the 2-years investor visa. The 2-Year Investor Visa was created for foreign nationals who want to invest in Dubai real estate or a well-established business. The Dubai investor visa is also known as the Dubai Partner Visa. The 2 Year Investor Visa allows the holder to live in the UAE, visit, and leave whenever they want before the visa expires.

It was implemented in 2019 as a process of granting long-term residence visas. This is to allow foreign nationals to study, work and live in Dubai while owning 100% of their property and not requiring a national sponsor.

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You will be able to open a bank account, work for any employer, and enter and exit the country at any time. With this visa, you can apply for a visa to another country from the UAE, making travel simple and safe. While residing and working in Dubai, you may also sponsor family members.

Do you want to apply for 2-years investor visa for Dubai?

The Dubai investor visa regulations rules that 2-Year Investor Visa is only given to people who invest at least AED 750,000 in establishing a new company or buying shares in an already-existing company. You can apply for this visa both inside and outside of the United Arab Emirates.

Who is eligible for a 2 Years Investor Visa?

To be eligible for a 2 Years Investor Visa, you must fall into one of the following categories:

  • You will work in the UAE for either a government office or a private company.
  • You will study at a UAE educational institution.
  • You are the child of a UAE national or foreign resident (child, parent, maid, or a close relative)
  • You have invested in the United Arab Emirates.
  • You have purchased real estate in the UAE.

How to Apply for a 2-Year Investor Visa?

You must first obtain an entry visa from the UAE Department of Immigration and Naturalization. You can travel to the country legally by filling out an application and receiving this authorization (entry visa). When you have all the required documentation and have finished the company registration process, you can apply for 2-Year Investor Visa, United Arab Emirates. You'll need the following documents to obtain this:

A passport photocopy for the applicant. A candidate's picture. Copies of each shareholder's passport and visa as well as the company's license. An immigration card copy. A duplicate of the company agreement (for LLC) S copy of the partnership contract (for companies outside free zones) You must own a home in the UAE worth at least AED 750,000 to apply. If the property is mortgaged, a NOC from the bank or developer is required, along with the property mortgage statement, and it must include the total amount paid and the balance due.

What are the benefits of 2-year investor visa?

The following are the primary benefits of obtaining 2-Year Investor Visa:

Free entry and residence on the country's territory Arrangements for family members to relocate to the UAE Opening a personal account with one of the UAE's banks Getting a license and insurance in one of the Emirates Teaching in a variety of educational organizations all over the country Free entry into the Persian Gulf countries and some other countries; receiving profit and income that is not taxable.

What is the grace period before a 2-year Investor visa expires?

Foreigners are granted a 30-day grace period beginning on the date their 2-year Investor Visa expires. As a result, even if your visa has expired, you may remain in the country for an additional 30 days. However, if your visa has not been renewed by then, you will need to leave the country and re-enter using an entry permit. You will be fined for each day you stay longer than permitted.

Q. How long does it take to get 2-Year Investor Visa?

Your investor visa will be processed in its entirety in 15 to 20 working days. This includes the time it takes to establish your new company in Dubai receive a trade license, apply for a visa, and have your investor visa stamped in your passport.

Q. Can you use your 2-Year Investor Visa to sponsor your spouse and children?

Yes, you can bring close family members to live with you in Dubai if you have an investor visa.

Q. What is the most important requirement for obtaining two-year investor visa?

The most important requirement for obtaining a 2-year Investor Visa is to invest in a local business or purchase real estate in the UAE.



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