2 Years Investor Visa (Popular)

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2 Years Investor Visa (Popular)

This is one of the newest forms of long-term Residence Visa. You can apply this visa from outside UAE or Inside UAE. A freelance visa allows you to be your own boss. Work for yourself or work for an employer or multiple employers. It is illegal to work on a tourist visa and getting a freelance visa is important if you are seeking to get employment in UAE. It is a 2 years multiple entry renewable visa type. You will have the freedom to open your bank account, Work for any Employer, and Enter and Exit the country for an unlimited time. Apply for another country’s visa from UAE which makes the travel easy & safe.


Frequently asked questions about this visa will support the requirement and who it is for. 

1. Can I apply for this visa if I am arriving thru Dubai or Sharjah Airports? 

Yes, you can apply for this visa if you are planning to arrive thru Dubai or Abu Dhabi Airport. This visa allows you to enter UAE through any Airport of UAE. 

2. Can I Extend my visa for the same duration if I am planning to stay longer than 60 Days. 

Yes, You can extend the same visa for another 60 Days within UAE. However, the cost of the visa Inside the country will be different from the cost you paid when you applied outside the country. 

3. Do I need to submit any particular documents to apply for 60 Days UAE Visa? 

You do not need to include any other documents than the regular required documents such as; 

  • Passport Copy valid for more than 6 months prior to travel 
  • Passport Photo with White Background - 2x2 size 
  • National ID Card - Required for certain nationalities. 
  • Hotel booking 
  • Flight reservation 

4. How long do the 60 Days Visa Process takes?. 

Normally, It takes 2 to 4 working Days. You may expect a Visa earlier than this subject to the Immigration workload. 

5. Can I get a Refund if my Visa is rejected by UAE Government? 

Visa Fee is Non-refundable if rejected by UAE Government. 


USD 3,135.00

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