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29 Sep, 2023

Dubai Rules For Female Tourists

Dubai Rules For Female Tourists

Every culture has its own customs, rules, and traditions. These rules apply to both tourists and residents. Likewise, it's our responsibility to respect these rules. Moreover, we should obey all the rules applied by the government. Similarly, there are few Dubai rules for female tourists. In this article, we will know about all of these rules.

Dubai is a safe and secure place in terms of women. Moreover, it ranks high in terms of safety for women. Even deep research has declared UAE is the best place for female safety. Therefore you need to know about some Dubai rules for female tourists. It helps you to avoid several uncomfortable situations.

Dubai Rules For Female Tourists

Here are some important rules for female Dubai tourists

1. Avoid Showing Affection Publically

In western countries, there are no restrictions to showing affection publicly. UAE is an Arabian country and it does not allow such activities. Men and women can travel together publicly. But showing affection publicly is strictly prohibited. Being an Arabian country, things are different in Dubai. Moreover, the same rules apply to homosexual and heterosexual couples.

2. You can’t drink alcohol publicly

Dubai is an Arabian country and it prohibits drinking alcohol publicly. You can't drink alcohol in public places. There are clubs and bars to drink legally. Moreover, drinking alcohol publicly is an illegal thing. Likewise, the same rule applies to selling openly. Only licensed vendors can sell alcohol. If you want to drink alcohol you should go to a bar. This rule does not apply to a specific gender but to all.

3. You can wear swimsuits or bikinis at seaside

Islam does not allow revealing clothes. Being an Islamic country, it is forbidden to wear bikinis in public places. But this dress is only allowed at the seaside. Moreover, it is strictly restrained to wear such dresses publicly. It can be worn in private places.

The purpose of Dubai rules for female tourists is only to ensure their safety. That’s why it has the highest rank in women's safety.

4. Wearing a scarf is essential in religious places

You cannot visit religious places without a scarf or hijab. So it's necessary to keep a hijab with you when you go to a religious place. If you don’t have then they will offer one. For men, it's also necessary to cover their heads.

5. Cross-dresses are forbidden

Article 358 of the UAE panel code prohibits cross-dressing. If you are a crossdresser then Dubai is not for you. Men and women both can wear long dresses that cover their whole bodies. Females can also wear their cultural dresses like salwar kameez or sari.

Moreover, men can also wear a pent shirt or their cultural dress. Further, you mustn't deviate from country rules.

6. Respect the traditions of Dubai

It's necessary to respect the traditions of Dubai. Dubai is an Islamic country and they have specific customs. For example, people cannot eat, drink, or smoke openly till sunset during Ramadan. Muslims keep fast this month. This month is full of blessings and charity. Likewise, the same rule applies to visitors too.

The tourists also can't drink, eat or smoke publicly. Most of the food shops remain closed till sunset. Dubai is very strict in its rules. It seems there are negligible crime cases in Dubai. Moreover, it raises the safety of tourists and residents.

Final words

Dubai rules for female tourists are necessary to obey. We know that there are numerous facilities in Dubai but also some rules and regulations. It is necessary to obey these rules for both males and females. Due to the gender difference, these rules vary. You can't drink alcohol in public places. Only licensed vendors can sell alcohol in bars or clubs. Cross-dressers will be punished and fined by the UAE Law.

You can wear swimsuits and bikinis at the seaside or on beaches. Don’t forget to wear a hijab before going to religious places. Moreover, Dubai is the city of its traditions. You should respect its culture and custom. One more thing, Dubai is also not allowing relationships. Being a respectful tour these were some rules you should obey. If you don’t obey the issued rules then it may pull you into dangerous trouble.

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