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29 Sep, 2023

Types of Dubai Tourist E-Visa

Types of Dubai Tourist E-Visa

Dubai is an exciting country to travel to. If you want to explore it, you will need a visa. You can opt for the e-Visa service. The Dubai tourist e-Visa tends to be a virtual permit that allows the applicant to fill in the required documentation from any country in the world, backed with the right connectivity.

Dubai e-Visa is given by the UAE authorities to make the visa application easier. It is important to know the different e-Visa types available for tourists.

Types of Dubai e-Visa for tourists

The following are the different types of Dubai e-Visa that tourists can apply for:

14 day Single or Multiple-Entry Visa

Those who want to only have a short stay in Dubai or any other UAE country, can get the single-entry visa. This can be for tour purposes and meet-ups. A multiple-entry visa tends to be better for tourists who want to make frequent entry or also egress into the emirate within 14 days.

This visa allows the person to stay for 14 days in Dubai.

30 day Single or Multiple-Entry Visa

Those who want to spend time with acquaintances or attend certain events fast, can choose the 30 days single-entry visa. When it comes to the 30 days multiple entry visa, this lets one have frequent trips to Dubai. This will be from their first entry date.

A Dubai visa like this will allow one to stay for 30 days in the country.

60 day Single or Multiple-Entry Visa

Those who want to stay for a medium-term that is less than two months so that they can meet someone, pursue business meetings or conventions or if they want to sightsee, can choose this visa. The single-entry visa will expire when the visitor leaves the country upon the visa expiry.

With the multiple-entry visa, a tourist can visit Dubai to stay for 60 days, particularly from their initial entry date. The stay validity will be 30 days for this Dubai tourist e-Visa.

90 day Single or Multiple-Entry Visa

The visa allows travelers to remain in the UAE for different reasons for an extended period. When the exit is made, this visa will automatically expire.

If you wish to make multiple stops whilst traveling to Dubai or some nearby countries, you may apply for the multiple-entry visa. This visa type can let one remain in the country for a maximum of 90 days or even less.

What you need for the Dubai Tourist Visa?

When applying for the Dubai tourist e-Visa you should have all the documents with you. Know the requirements for your country like Dubai e-Visa's for Indians for instance.

The following are the documents that you should have with you:

  • A copy of the front as well as last page of your passport which should be valid for six months from the date of your journey.
  • A clear passport-size photography that should be a front-facing one.
  • A bank statement showing the needed amount in USD or equivalent in the currency you are paying in.
  • You need to show proof of travel insurance.
  • It is necessary to have a mandatory negative Covid-19 test report that should be taken inside the last 48 hours prior to your scheduled flight to Dubai.
  • For children who are between 0-13 years, you need to give a photocopy of their birth certificate with the other mentioned documents also.

How to Apply for a Dubai Tourist E-Visa?

If you need help applying for the visa you can get help from professionals like The website that you are using to apply for the e-Visa will have the steps of doing this. You should follow them all carefully.

It is important to fill in all the needed information and upload your documents. This will include a copy of your passport and colored photographs. You may be able to add other members if there is an Add more applicant tab. When you fill in the form, you can submit the application.

Check out the ways to pay for the visa. You will get to know the Dubai e-Visa cost. You will get a confirmation of the submission of your form.

Tourists are able to apply for the visa a maximum of two months prior to their travel date. It may take around 24-72 working hours for the visa processing procedure to be completed.

You should find out whether your country is an eligible country to get the Dubai e-Visa. There are many countries present in this list.

What is needed on arrival?

It is necessary that you have all the documents you need on arrival to Dubai so that no complications are faced.

You should have the following documents with you:

  • A printed copy of your tourist e-Visa to Dubai
  • Your passport having a validity extending for a minimum of at least six months beyond your planned entry to Dubai date
  • A proof of medical insurance and health declaration
  • The quarantine form

5 Points to Keep in Mind

You should make the online visa application at least three business day before your visit to Dubai. All passengers, and even children, should have a valid e-Visa if they want to travel to Dubai. It does not matter how old the applicant is, but they all need a visa.

The tourist e-Visas are able to be extended for 30 days twice. But, extension will not apply to the GCC residents, special entry as well as 96-hour special mission visa holders. If you overstay in the UAE, you can be fined and even deported. You may even be banned from re-entering Dubai. Therefore you should not overstay if you want to avoid issues.

Make sure that you know the Dubai e-Visa fees as well so that you have no problems when applying.

The data that you give in the application form should not have any errors. You should double-check it before submitting it.

The Dubai tourist e-Visa procedure is a simple and easy way to apply for a visa to enter Dubai. However, you should give the right documents and know the procedure so that everything can go smoothly.

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