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29 Sep, 2023

What to do at Dubai airport

What to do at Dubai airport

Dubai international airport is one of the most important transport hubs. In addition, it's also a good destination for layovers. Anyhow, what to do at Dubai airport? You can spend your layover with the restaurants, shops, and amenities. Are you tired of your long-sitting journey? You can also take some rest here. Moreover, having the world’s best facilities and the Dubai city center is only 3 miles far from this destination. Thus, there are numerous exciting ways to pass your time.

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Best things to do at Dubai airport during a layover

Are you staying at Dubai international airport for a layover? Want to know what to do at Dubai airport? So keep reading

Enjoy lavish eating at Dubai international airport

There are several popular restaurants at Dubai airport. Also, dining is the best option to spend your time and make an unforgettable impact at Dubai airport. Do you know how many cafes and restaurants are there? It consists of 50 cafes and restaurants serving different flavors and cuisine. Are you a pasta lover and want to try it at the world’s most popular airport? Obviously yes! Anyhow, you will also love to a noodle house. Want to enjoy Indian cuisine? Move forward to terminal 3 to enjoy the lavish Indian dishes. In addition, if you are with the kids then must go to the M&M confectionery store at terminal 3. Likewise, if you want to enjoy freshly prepared food then go to Pret A Manger at Terminals 1.

Besides this, want to taste fast food at Dubai airport? There are several global fast food chains McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, and more at DXB Airport.

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Do shopping at duty-free shops

Shopping is the most popular activity at Dubai international airport during a layover. There are many duty-free shops open 24/7. Thus, you can buy various goods not only for yourself but also for your loved ones. What items can you buy from these luxury shops? It includes sunglasses, timepieces, watches, and much more from terminal 3. Likewise, you can also purchase jewelry (both china and silver). In addition, you can also choose an unforgettable gift for your friends or family. Moreover, there is a variety of chocolates and dry fruits.

Go to premium lounges

Here you will be served from fresh juice bars. Also, you will get an exclusive shopping experience. Sit back, take a rest, and enjoy lavish food in the executive surrounding for 24 hours. Likewise, you can also avail of the business services from these lounges as free airport wifi speed is up to 100mbps. Thus, you can stay on top of the work. You can access the Wi-Fi network from the entire terminal and it is fast and reliable.

If you want to enjoy fine dining then you should go to plaza premium lounge located in terminal 3.

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Take a power nap with sleep n fly lounge

Sleep n fly lounge is the best place for a power nap. Here you can get a comfortable rest before flying. Moreover, you can choose from igloo-styled sleep pods or huge double cabins with pull-out beds for kids.

Terminal 3 is also known as the home of the Dubai international hotel. In addition, it is located after security in concourses A, B, and C. what can you avail from here? It includes orthopedic mattresses with 24-hour room service and its own spa. Further, it consists of everything that you need to catch up on sleep.

Visit Dubai airport hotel

This hotel is not only providing services to its guests but also to passengers.  This hotel has wonderful swimming that is open for all the passengers. Here you can spend some of your time. Moreover, the hotel’s health club also features a modern gym. In addition, you can unwind in the Jacuzzi and steam room afterward. Likewise, you can also explore the dedicated kid's zone at terminal 3. Here you can see some family or friends' entertaining activities. Also, some lavish restaurants and kids with their parents some much-needed downtime.

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Utilize the airport’s speedy Wi-Fi

Are you still bored? Still, have hours on your flight? Still, thinking about what to do at Dubai airport? Just turn on your wifi settings and connect high-speed wifi with your device. Now, you can watch your favorite movies, dramas, comedy, or whatever you want. Anyhow, it’s a precious service from Dubai international airport.


There are numerous things to do at DXB. I don’t think you should be still confused about what to do at Dubai airport. You can dine or swim at the Dubai airport hotel. No matter if you are not a guest of this hotel. This hotel provides its services to all the passengers. In addition, the free and high-speed Wi-Fi at Dubai airport helps you to pass your time. By using the free Wi-Fi of Dubai airport, you can see some movies, dramas, and comedies or even you can utilize this Wi-Fi for your work.

If you are sleepy then go to sleep n fly lounge to take a rest. If you are feeling Hungary then you can visit restaurants to take a taste of the lavish foods of Dubai airport. Also, you can do some shopping from the duty-free shops at Dubai airport. There are different things or gifts that you can purchase for your loved ones. Anyhow, you can do several activities to pass your time at Dubai airport.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I visit the places near DXB during the layover?

Yes, if you have sufficient hours then you can explore the world's favorite destinations.

Which is the best visiting place close to DXB?

There are some places nearest to Dubai airport to visit. It usually includes Burj Khalifa, Dubai mall, Dubai fountain, global village, and much more. You can go and stroll through these destinations. Anyhow, you may not be able to explore all the attractions due to a lack of time. But you should explore as much as you can during your layover.

Is it risky to leave the airport during a layover?

It depends on the time you have. Anyhow, if you have some hours on your flight then you go and explore the attractions. But if you have a little bit of time during your flight then no need to leave the airport.

Can I use the swimming pool at Dubai airport?

Yes, not only guests but passengers can also use this pool.

Can I take sleep at Dubai airport?

Yes, you can go to sleep n fly lounge to take some rest before your flight. Moreover, you can not only sleep but also enjoy lavish dinners at different restaurants at Dubai airport.

May I do shopping from Dubai airport?

Yes, because there are several free-duty shops to purchase goods such as timepieces, brand watches, gifts, and a lot more.