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12 Mar, 2024

What To Do After Getting Entry Permit In UAE?

What To Do After Getting Entry Permit In UAE?

Getting your entry permit is the first step towards traveling to the UAE. The question, "What To Do After Getting Entry Permit In UAE?" becomes pivotal, and this guide walks you through the following essential steps.

Everything from ensuring you enter the country without incident during the first sixty days to dealing with residency requirements and determining necessary medical procedures—each detail matters and will significantly impact how you experience this exciting and diverse nation.

What To Do After Getting Entry Permit In UAE? Explore the key actions you must take after securing your entry permit to maximize your time in the UAE.

What To Do After Getting Entry Permit In UAE?

After securing an entry permit for the UAE, you must take the next crucial steps. First and foremost, enter the country within 60 days of receiving the permit to avoid complications.

Planning your travel within this timeframe is essential for a smooth entry.

If the purpose of your entry permit is to prepare you for permanent residency, a few formalities need to be taken care of. These include getting your visa stamped on your passport, applying for an Emirates ID, the UAE's national identity card, and taking required medical exams to confirm your fitness. Remember that the duration of your entry permit varies depending on the type of visa, from days to years.

What is next step after entry permit?

The subsequent steps depend on your purpose. Residency involves health procedures, Emirates ID application, and visa stamping. For short visits, plan your travel within 60 days.

Can I enter UAE with entry permit?

Yes, you can enter within 60 days of the entry permit's issuance. Ensure timely entry to avoid complications and proceed with the specific requirements based on your entry permit's purpose.

What are the stages of visa processing in UAE?

For residency visas, stages include mandatory medical tests, Emirates ID application, and final visa stamping. Details may vary based on your specific visa category.

Understanding the Entry Permit

An entry permit for the UAE is a temporary authorization for specific purposes, granting permission to enter the country within a defined timeframe. It's essential to distinguish these permits from residence visas, as they cater to different needs.

Entry permits are designed for various objectives, such as tourism, business visits, education, or initiating the residency application process.

Your entry permit's validity varies depending on the kind of visa you were granted. While permits linked to residence applications, such as those for work or study, may have a shorter validity period of about two months, tourist visas usually have a validity period of a few days to several months. However, they do permit entry to complete your residency.

It is essential to understand that a residence visa differs from an entry permit. In contrast to a residence visa, an entry permit does not grant permanent residency or the ability to work in the UAE.

Its main purpose is to make entry into the nation easier, which, depending on the type of permit, may open the door for the subsequent application for a residence visa.

Completing Mandatory Health Procedures

After acquiring a UAE entry permit for residency, it's crucial to undergo mandatory health procedures. Adults, including dependents on a residence visa, typically above 18 years old, must complete tests for infectious diseases like HIV and Hepatitis B, along with a tuberculosis screening.

Visit a government-approved medical facility in your emirate of residence, guided by your sponsor or through prior research. Upon completion, you'll receive a medical fitness certificate, which is vital for obtaining your Emirates ID and securing the residency visa stamp.

Legal Documentation

The legal paperwork required varies depending on your reason for being in the nation. Your passport should be valid for at least six months if you plan to travel for short stays or beyond the allowed amount of time. Take out travel insurance to cover trip cancellations and medical emergencies.

If you need an entry permit before becoming a resident (for work or study), you must submit additional paperwork. This includes obtaining a Medical Fitness Certificate through required testing, applying for an Emirates ID with supporting documentation such as proof of address and passport copies, and, in the end, applying for a residency visa stamp by submitting your passport, medical certificate, Emirates ID application receipt, and other specific documents depending on the type of visa to the appropriate authorities.

Setting Up Local Services

After receiving your entry permit for the UAE, it's crucial to set up local services for a seamless transition. Begin by opening a local bank account and providing necessary documents, such as your passport and entry permit.

Secure a local SIM card for communication and explore transportation options, including public transport and ride-sharing services. Additionally, ensure essential utilities are set up in your accommodation, and familiarize yourself with local amenities like supermarkets and healthcare facilities.

To further integrate into the community, consider joining local groups and forums for valuable insights. Keep yourself updated about local regulations and comply with residency requirements. This proactive approach facilitates your day-to-day living and enhances your overall experience in the UAE, ensuring a smooth and comfortable stay.


Every stage leads to a successful stay, from knowing the subtleties of your entry permit to finishing required medical procedures and gathering legal documentation. By putting up local services, you can guarantee a smooth transition and make the most of your stay in the UAE by fitting into the community. As you begin this journey, remember to remain informed, take initiative, and seize the chances presented by this vibrant and multicultural nation.

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