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01 Apr, 2024

UAE Employment Visa Without Degree Attestation

UAE Employment Visa Without Degree Attestation

Most people want to get a UAE employment visa without degree attestation. Experience is something that we gain by performing some actions or doing things. Likewise, several people wish to find a job in UAE to stable their financial position.

Dubai is one of the job-hunting cities. Moreover, thousands of people come here to establish careers and support their entire families. For this purpose, they use Visit visas or freelance visa services to develop and grow them in the field of business.

Getting a UAE employment visa without degree attestation is difficult but not impossible. This article will help you to learn about jobs in UAE without a degree. Here’s the list of jobs that you can do without a degree attestation.

Opportunities For UAE Employment Visa Without Degree Attestation

1. Taxi driver

If you are an expert in driving a car in Dubai then a taxi corporation hires you. This work may be commission based but still, you can earn handsome money. Moreover, you need to fulfill some criteria to get this job.

For this purpose, you need to achieve a valid driving license. Also, you must be familiar to speak English as well as reading. It’s not about advanced English but basic communication and reading some instructions.

In addition, you must have a Dubai visit visa or freelance visa to get this job. Further, your passport should contain six months of validity.

Similarly, your age should be lies between 21 years old. Also, you should clear some exams to become a taxi driver in UAE. Thus, you can easily get a UAE employment visa without degree attestation.

2. Cashier

As there are multiple retail stores, shopping malls, restaurants, and other businesses in Dubai. These all are looking for cashiers for a contractual or permanent job.

Moreover, finding a cashier job in Dubai is not much more difficult. If you are familiar with cashier duty, you can easily get this job. It’s all about counting money from customers.

If you are wishing to get this job you should be fair in counting. If you are not then don’t apply because a single mistake can damage your career in Dubai.

However, it’s all about being focused and conscious. Moreover, there are also some small stores in Dubai. Such stores also hire cashiers without any experience.

Likewise, there is no higher education that is essential to find such a job. Consequently, you can easily find a part-time or full-time cashier job. In addition, maybe you can’t earn handsome money but fulfill your needs.

3. Waiter

This is an easy kind of job. It does not require a degree for employment. Also, there is no need of any technical skill. However, you only need to familiar with how to take and fulfill orders from customers.

You should go to restaurants to find this job. If you move to hotels then they demand for the degree. As we all know higher jobs demands higher education.

Furthermore, it is also the highest paying job as well as you can get tips from the customers. It is quite highest paying job without a degree or certificate attestation.

4. Packing labor

It is one of the lowest-paying jobs in Dubai. Moreover, it is also considered the hardest job. It is open to males and females. Most companies hire people from different countries.

Moreover, it does not require education or experience. This work includes low budget but high pressure on the company or owner. In addition, you also need to be more responsible.

5. Housekeeping

A housekeeping job in Dubai does not require any kind of certificate attestation or degree. Several hotels, hospitals, and restaurants are willing to hire people to clean their business places.

Moreover, some richest people also need a cleaner to clean their homes. In a hotel housekeeping job, they will assign you a few rooms for cleaning. Thus you need to clean all the assigned rooms effectively and hurry.

If you are familiar with some household responsibilities then this job is for you. Moreover, you need to be physically fit. Consequently, you can get a well-paying job in Dubai.

6. Security guard

It is difficult to get a security guard job in Dubai. the reason behind the difficulty is most offices look for trained people who are eligible for this job. If you are still willing to do a security guard job in Dubai then you need to fulfill certain requirements.

Firstly, you should be physically fit having an attested medical through UAE health centers. Secondly, your criminal background should be clean from crimes.

Also, be familiar with the safety of people from illegal activities. Thus, you need to be conscious of all time. It is also a well-paying job in Dubai.

7. Electrician

As we know that Dubai is the city of buildings. The construction work in Dubai is increasing rapidly. Moreover, it also rises up the demand for electricians. Electrician’s primary duty is to set up new electrical connections in homes, offices, or workplaces.

Moreover, they also hired for testing and operating different electrical households. It also does not require a specific degree but you should be an expert in your skill.

As it is a sensitive skill so make sure you have expertise in electricity. Thus it would be a highest-paying job without any certification or degree. This job requires technical experience.

8. Petrol pump attendant

To be a petrol pump attendant is easy for those who don’t have a higher degree. Also, your metric should be completed. For this job, your duty is to serve petrol to customers.

Several well-known companies are looking for workers for their fuel stations. Thus you can get a UAE employment visa without degree attestation.

9. Salesman or Marketer

If you are familiar with marketing strategies for selling then this job is for you. Honesty and sincerity with your profession plays an important role in the field of sales. If you can convince customers by providing qualities products then you can build up your level in the business field.

Firstly, you need to gain the trust of your customers. Also, you need to understand the interest of your customers. Thus you can be a successful salesman.

In addition, you can adopt this job for part time as well as for full-time. This job is all about marketing strategies and plans.

10. Airport loader

It’s easy to find an airport loader job in Dubai without the attestation of a degree or certificate. In this field, it’s quite simple and easy to find a job without a degree or attested certificates in Dubai.

Also, no experience is required to find such a job. Your responsibility is to load and unload luggage safely.


Getting a degree UAE employment visa without attestation is not a difficult thing. You only need to get expertise in the above-described skills. Moreover, you must be familiar with Basic English so that you can communicate with others easily.

Anyhow, you can learn driving, clean, load, and unloading luggage, and more to work without the attestation of a degree or certificates. It helps you to become financially independent. Some skills don’t require any kind of technical work.

You can choose and learn according to your choice. Make sure you should be an expert in your learning. Hope so this information would help you and best of luck with a good journey in Dubai.

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