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29 Sep, 2023

Leisure Trip to UAE

Leisure Trip to UAE

Leisure Trip to UAE

UAE tends to be a popular travel destination. This area of the globe is centrally located and linked to many areas of the world. When planning a trip to the UAE, it is important to know about UAE entry requirements among other stuff.

Some people leave the tough work to travel consultants as well as tour guides to do so that they can enjoy themselves here and in an affordable way. You need to plan carefully if you want the trip to go smoothly without any hurdles.

Best Time to Travel

If you want to enjoy yourself in any country, you must know the best time to travel to UAE. In places like the UAE, it is better to avoid traveling here when it is the summer months. The best time to travel will be from November going to April, however, some people do travel throughout the year. It depends on what you want.

November to April is said to be the peak tourist season as the weather is good. There are more attractions including the outdoor ones. One can take part in different festivities along with entertainment opportunities.

The Dubai Shopping festival occurs at this time and there are even other sale events. The disadvantages of traveling at this time is that the airfare will be more and the price of hotels also. Those who do not like crowds should know that the UAE is crowded at this time.

If you want to travel to the UAE during the off-season, this will be from May to October. The benefits will be that the airfare will be comparatively cheaper and the hotels as well. There will be less crowded areas also. However, it will be hot and humid. You can only enjoy indoor attractions at this time.

How much time to stay in UAE

This depends on every person’s individual needs but the ideal stay duration in UAE can be said to be 7 to 8 days if you are a tourist. This will be cost-effective. There are certain UAE tour operators that give packages that are of 4 to 5 days. You can choose the one that best suits you.

According to your budget, you may increase the amount of time that you stay here so that you can check out more attractions. Those who plan a trip of more than 10 days, may want to leave one day or maybe half a day to unwind and relax so that the trip does not get hectic.

Visa process

This is a very important part of your travels and you need to know all UAE visa requirements according to the country whose passport you hold.

Do your research carefully prior to travelling so that you can know of any update concerning visa rules along with your eligibility to get a visa.

Those who are travelling for personal use will probably want to get a tourist visa. You may apply for a 30 day one or 90 day one, based on your needs. It is possible to apply for the visa via some authorized travel agent.

The UAE Airlines that you are travelling with can get the tourist visa for you. The cost of the visa may change according to your country.

There is the visa on arrival option whereby one will get 14 days validity. There are citizens of particular countries that are eligible for this kind of visa. This includes the US, UK, Europe, etc.

Best Place to stay in the UAE

When travelling to the UAE, you may choose to spend 4-5 nights within Dubai and 2 nights in Abu Dhabi. This is because you can take part in many activities here.

You can stay in luxury hotels, affordable or budget hotels, hotel and service apartments, or some home stay.

There will be more choices of stay in Dubai in comparison to Abu Dhabi.

If you opt for a luxury five star hotel for instance, there will be many facilities available like pool and gym access, airport transfers, personal drop off to the malls, laundry, etc. The cost of this will be a lot also.

Moving around the UAE

When visiting the UAE, you can opt for public transport to take you where you want to go. When traveling in Dubai, there will be multiple modes of transport available. A reliable and convenient choice includes Dubai Metro. The cabs are even available round the clock and are rather economical.

The places which you cannot reach by Metro, you can take public buses there. If you want to pursue leisure travel and go small distances, there are public bikes along with e-scooters. An amazing way to observe the skyline is by talking the ferry or some water taxi.

Those traveling with family or a group of 4 and who do not have much time in the UAE, rent a car that is for self-drive, or you can choose to hire a car. There will be some dedicated driver who can take you around. Keep in mind that if you want to drive yourself you will have to have an international driving license and know about left hand driving, the local parking rules as well as speed limits.

When travelling to Abu Dhabi, it is better to take a taxi when traveling within the city. When travelling between Abu Dhabi as well as Dubai, opt for public buses.

COVID Requirements

The UAE entry requirements: COVID need to be observed carefully as well. It is important to give a negative result of the R T-PCR test for COVID-19 that should be done 48 hours prior to your flight. Check out any updating requirements as well.

If you plan your trip carefully you can enjoy yourself in the UAE. You can get the help of a travel planner like for instance. It is important to follow all entry requirements so that no hurdles are faced.

Plan where you want to travel to so that you do not miss these places in your excitement.

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