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10 Mar, 2024

Is Entry Permit Same As Visa Dubai?

Is Entry Permit Same As Visa Dubai?

Traveling to Dubai calls for negotiating the complicated rules of visas and entry permits. Regarding travel to the UAE, are these two terms associated or have different meanings? In this blog, we will determine whether an entry permit and a visa are compatible in Dubai.

Is Entry Permit Same As Visa Dubai?

Is Entry Permit Same As Visa Dubai?

While both Entry Permits and Visas allow entry into Dubai, they serve distinct purposes. An Entry Permit, issued by GDRFA, acts as a pre-authorization document, granting temporary permission to enter the UAE for a specific purpose and limited validity period.

Examples include tourist, visit, transit, medical treatment, and business entry permits. This is essential for those who don't have the privilege of visa-free entry or a visa on arrival. In contrast, a Visa is an official document issued by a UAE consulate or embassy, typically in one's home country. It affixes to the passport, granting permission to enter, stay, and potentially work in Dubai for a specific period. Various visa types, such as tourist, work, residence, and student visas, cater to different purposes.

Anyone with an entry permit must apply for the corresponding visa to officially enter and stay in Dubai, making the distinction crucial for legal entry and compliance with UAE regulations.

Entry Permit in Dubai

An Entry Permit in Dubai is a pre-authorization document issued by GDRFA in Dubai. It grants permission to enter the UAE for a specific purpose and a limited validity period. Think of it as a temporary permission slip issued before obtaining a visa.

Types of Entry Permits in Dubai

There are various types of Entry Permits, each corresponding to a specific purpose for your visit to Dubai:

  • Tourist Visa: This is the most common type of Entry Permit, allowing visitors to enter Dubai for leisure.
  • Visit Visa: This Entry Permit is issued for visiting family or friends in Dubai.
  • Transit Visa: This Entry Permit allows travelers to pass through Dubai to another destination.
  • Medical Treatment Visa: This Entry Permit is issued for individuals seeking medical treatment in Dubai.
  • Business Visa: This Entry Permit allows individuals to enter Dubai for business purposes, such as attending meetings or conferences.

Key Differences Between Entry Permit and Visa


Important Considerations

1. Purpose of your visit

Define the purpose of your visit to Dubai. This will determine the type of Entry Permit and visa you need to apply for. Everyday purposes include tourism, business trips, visiting family, medical treatment, and work.

2. Your nationality

Depending on the nationality, certain countries have requirements for visa-free or visa-on-arrival entry. For information about your nationality, visit the official UAE government website or get in touch with the appropriate embassy or consulate.

3. Entry Permit application process

Understand the specific steps and requirements for applying for the Entry Permit you need. This may involve submitting documents, paying fees, and following specific procedures.

4. Visa application process

Once you have received the Entry Permit, research the visa application process for the corresponding visa type. Gather required documents, meet eligibility criteria, and pay applicable fees.

5. Validity and duration

Pay attention to the validity period of the Entry Permit and the visa. Ensure they cover the intended duration of your stay in Dubai.

6. Renewal and extension

If you plan to stay longer than the initial visa period, understand the visa renewal or extension process well in advance.

7. Travel insurance

Consider obtaining travel insurance that covers potential medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and other unforeseen circumstances.

8. Seeking professional guidance

Consulting with a visa specialist or immigration lawyer can be helpful, especially if your situation is complex or involves specific concerns.


As you prepare to visit Dubai, familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of entry permits and visas. Equipped with this knowledge, ensure a smooth arrival, an orderly stay, and an unforgettable time in the energetic city.

Is entry permit the same as visit visa in UAE?

No, an entry permit and a visit visa in the UAE differ. An entry permit is a temporary authorization from GDRFA for specific purposes. At the same time, a visit visa is an official document from a UAE consulate or embassy, often for family or friends' visits.

Is entry permit the same as visa?

No, an entry permit is not equivalent to a visa. An entry permit issued by GDRFA provides temporary entry authorization, whereas a visa obtained from a consulate or embassy allows entry, stay, and potential work in Dubai. Entry permits are a precursor to obtaining a visa.

Do you need an entry permit or a visa to enter the UAE?

It depends on your situation. An entry permit grants temporary permission for entry, while a visa is needed for official entry and stay. If you need visa-free entry or visa on arrival, you may need an entry permit first, followed by the corresponding visa based on your visit's purpose.

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