How to remove the travel ban in UAE

  • 04 March 2023
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How to remove the travel ban in UAE

Some foreign individuals or even countries are banned from entering the UAE. What could be a valid reason for this? A travel ban in the UAE, like in any other country, is an immigration policy that restricts people from entering or leaving the country. In certain circumstances, the UAE imposes a travel ban on certain internationals. So, if you want to know how to remove the travel ban in UAE, you must follow a few simple steps.

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What are the main reasons for the travel ban in UAE?

A travel ban may be imposed for a variety of reasons. Among the most common are:

  • A criminal investigation is currently underway.
  • Immigration law violations
  • Unpaid financial obligations
  • Rent disagreements
  • Work without a valid work permit
  • Overstaying your visa
  • Leaving the country without informing your employer and canceling your work visa
  • An international disease outbreak

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What happens if you are banned entry into the UAE?

If you have a travel ban in the UAE, it prevents you from leaving or entering the country. A better example is shown below.

Travel ban to exit the country

This occurs when a person is disallowed from leaving the country. A similar ban may apply to those who owe the government or another individual. The relevant legal or government authority imposes the law on them. This means that the accused will remain in the UAE until such debts are cleared. Again, anyone who is currently under investigation is required by law to remain in the UAE until the case is resolved.

Entry or re-entry into the country is disallowed.

This may include those banned due to criminal offenses and violations of UAE immigration laws. This includes anyone with a travel ban from any of the GCC countries, as well as anyone with a serious illness that is prohibited in the UAE. In this case, the individual is barred from entering the UAE.

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How to remove the travel ban in UAE?

How to remove the travel ban in UAE? Removing the travel ban occurs when the accused is found innocent or the penalty is reconsidered, depending on the type of crime committed. The application is addressed to the Ministry of Justice in the Emirate in which you live. The judicial inspection department and courts are in charge of handling applications to lift a travel ban.

Apply for a Travel Ban Cancellation by following simple steps:

  • To access the website of the Ministry of Justice
  • Sign in or register for a new account.
  • Submit your application electronically.
  • Payment of the application fee
  • The application will then be presented to the appropriate authority for verification and a final decision.

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How can I check the UAE travel ban?

There are four ways to check for the travel ban in Dubai.

  • Residents can either go to a police station in Dubai or inquire in person if a criminal offense complaint has been filed against them in fiscal cases.
  • Making a phone call to Amer centers is the most convenient way to find out the status of the UAE visa ban. The call center agent will require your passport number and other specific information.
  • If you are facing a travel ban, you can also hire an attorney to conduct a thorough check on your behalf. If you are subject to an arrest leave, this is the best option. If you are outside the UAE, you can also check your travel ban with a lawyer. This is the only way to check your travel ban from outside the country.
  • Another quick way to find out the status of a travel ban in the UAE is to check the Dubai Police's official website. Consider the online system.

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Travel ban FAQs

How can I check the travel ban in UAE?

Dubai Police provides a free online service that allows UAE citizens to determine whether they are subject to a travel ban due to financial matters that occurred mainly in the emirate of Dubai. To use the service, you must enter the number from your Emirates ID card.

Can I renew my visa if I have a travel ban?

You will not be able to renew or change visa sponsorship while a travel ban and case are still active in the system unless you apply for permission from the organization that implemented the action.

Can I leave UAE with a loan?

The bank may file a legal case against you for default, use the security cheque you provided when you applied for the loans, and impose a travel ban that will result in you being stopped at the airport - you will be unable to leave the UAE.

Can I depart from UAE if I have a court case?

If you are the subject of a criminal investigation in the UAE or certain civil or business cases there, a judge may impose travel restrictions on you until the matter has been heard by the court. You can apply to the Ministry of Justice to have a travel ban lifted against you.

How long does travel last in UAE?

Travel restrictions are typically imposed for a year before being automatically repealed.

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