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14 Jan, 2024

How to Extend your Visit Visa in Dubai [Complete Guide]

How to Extend your Visit Visa in Dubai [Complete Guide]

Setting out for the dynamic metropolis of Dubai is an exciting experience, but many tourists are enthralled with the city and find themselves wanting to remain longer. And for that, you need a complete guidance so you don’t get panic and also don’t make any mistake, and just for that purpose we explore the complexities of extending your visit visa in Dubai in this extensive article, offering you practical advice and detailed procedures.

Whether you're drawn to Dubai for business purposes, the modern marvels of the skyline, or both, our guide tries to make things easier by providing an understanding of the rules and procedures involved in extending your trip. How to Extend your Visit Visa in Dubai.jpg

So, if you're excited to dive deeper into the vibrant fabric of Dubai culture, continue reading as we walk you through the process of extending your visitation visa and opening the door to extending journey in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

What is a Visit Visa?

First thing first, you must need to know that what actually is a visit visa? A visit visa is a short-term travel authorization that is issued by a host nation to foreign nationals for either business, tourist, or family trips.

When it comes to Dubai, a visit visa lets people go to the city's famous sites, have family get-togethers, or go on business trips. Visit visas, which are granted for a set period of time, guarantee that travelers abide by the laws of the nation they are visiting.

Why a Person needs a Dubai Visit Visa?

For anyone looking to enter this vibrant metropolis, Dubai, temporarily for a variety of reasons, a visit visa to Dubai is required. Whether traveling to see its famous sites, seeing family, or conducting business, the visit visa serves as official authorization from the nation of destination.

It guarantees compliance with immigration laws, giving the guest's stay a legal foundation.

The visit visa for Dubai opens doors to a world of cultural experiences, business prospects, and interpersonal relationships. In addition to facilitating international travel, it allows people to fully immerse themselves in the colorful tapestry of Dubai's way of life, making it an essential resource for anybody hoping for a brief but enriching stay in this global city.

Can Visit Visa be Extended in Dubai?

Yes, visit visas for Dubai can be renewed. Those who want to stay longer than the allotted time on their visa can ask for an extension.

Usually, the extension procedure entails filing the required paperwork, adhering to visa requirements, and paying the relevant fees.

Dubai's accommodating approach to visa extensions meets the varied demands of travelers and facilitates a more seamless transition for those who need more time in the city.

Dubai Visit Visa Extension New Rules

Dubai, has recently updated their extension policy for visit visa and made new rules that are listed below:

  • Visitors may extend their 30 to 60 day visit visas for an extra 30 days from within the country.
  • You are not allowed to renew your visa beyond the 120 day limit in which you can enter the nation each year.
  • The cost for visit visa extension is $315 per month.

How to get UAE Visit Visa Extension without Exit?

Visit Visa extensions were always a laborious process, but thanks to internet services, they are now more convenient for all travelers. You have two options such as ask your travel agent to extend your visit visa, or apply for it yourself using an internet site. Your extended e-visa will then arrive straight in your email inbox.

And here is a good news that now you get the availability of two extensions on your Dubai visit visa but to ensure that ,make sure that you do not miss the opportunity to extend your visa because all you need to do is keep an eye on when it is about to expire.

UAE Visit Visa Extension Fees for 2 Months

The cost of extending a visit visa for Dubai is $315 per month, and because you can now obtain extensions for two months, then the total cost will be $630.


For anyone hoping to investigate, connect, or participate in the variety of options the city provides, acquiring and comprehending a Dubai visit visa is essential. The visit visa is more than just a pass for admission; it's a key to all the experiences Dubai has to offer, from its breathtaking architecture to its diverse cultural heritage.

Whether traveling for business, pleasure, or family reunifications, the visit visa represents Dubai's dedication to accepting foreign guests by guaranteeing a smooth and lawful stay.

The visit visa serves as a link between dreams and reality, allowing for short-term visits while also promoting a more in-depth understanding of the complex allure of this multicultural center in the center of the United Arab Emirates.

How long can I extend my visa in Dubai?

It typically extends for the period of 30 to 60 days.

How can I extend my visa in Dubai without exit?

If you match the eligibility requirements and adhere to the particular standards, you can apply for a visa extension from online site or in person at one of their service centers to extend your visa while you're in Dubai.

What is the maximum duration of visit visa in Dubai?

In Dubai, a visit visa's maximum duration is typically 30 to 60 days.

How many days before I can renew my visa in Dubai?

Generally, you have 30 days before your visa expires to renew it in Dubai.