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29 Sep, 2023

How to Apply for Abu Dhabi Transit Visa

How to Apply for Abu Dhabi Transit Visa

What is Abu Dhabi Transit Visa? Basically, a transit visa is a short-term visa (48 hours or 96 hours) and it is specifically for the transit passenger that has a flight to an onward destination. However, if you are arriving in Abu Dhabi and need to catch another flight then you need an Abu Dhabi Transit Visa. Further, if you are eligible for a visa on arrival then you don’t need to apply for this. Besides this, those who are not eligible for a visa on arrival must get a transit visa to reach their desired destination.

When do you need a Transit Visa in Abu Dhabi?

Here are some conditions for you whether you need a transit visa or not:

  • Firstly, when you are coming to Abu Dhabi and want to take another flight (in this condition you must check the eligibility for a visa on arrival. Further, in case if you are falling in the exemption then you don’t need Transit Visa Abu Dhabi.
  • Secondly, if your flight layover is more than 8 hours then you also need Transit Visa Abu Dhabi. Anyhow, if your flight layover is short as 4 hours or less than 8 hours then this condition is not for you.
  • There are times you are flying with Wizz Air which arrives at Abu Dhabi Airport while your next flight is from Dubai, you must apply for Transit Visa Abu Dhabi if arriving at Abu Dhabi Airport
  • Arriving in Abu Dhabi and departing from Dubai is possible while holding Abu Dhabi Transit Visa.
  • Further, if you are a citizen of a country that is eligible for a visa on arrival then no need to get a Transit Visa Abu Dhabi.
  • If you belong to GCC countries (by nationality), no entry visa is required to enter the emirate. 
  • If you are a citizen of another country, you need to apply for a transit visa  in Abu Dhabi. In certain cases, you can also get assistance from your airline. Further, an eye scan is required at the airport.

What are the required documents?

  • Firstly, a scanned copy of your passport has six months of validity.
  • Secondly, a Passport size photo with white background
  • In addition, the confirmed Air Ticket Copy should include the arrival at the final destination.
  • Further, Visa proof for onward destination.

How to apply for Transit Visa Abu Dhabi?

  • First, gather all the essential and required documents.
  • Click on ae site or may concern with the airline to apply for.
  • After this (if you are applying through cheap dubai visa), fill out an application form and submit the documents.
  • You will get notified once your visa will confirm.

How do I get Abu Dhabi Transit Visa?

The passengers passing through Abu Dhabi Airport with long flight layovers are eligible for Transit Visa Abu Dhabi. Furthermore, one must apply for a transit visa in advance. Please note that it is one time and non-extendable visa. So, you can’t utilize this visa for your second entry. Also, Transit Visa Abu Dhabi is valid for 48 hours from the time of admission in Abu Dhabi. Further, one must depart within 48 hours after your arrival.

Frequently asked questions?

What is Transit Visa Abu Dhabi and why do I need this?

It is a short-term single entry and non-extendable visa. Further, a transit visa assists passengers that have flights to onward attractions. You may arrive at Abu Dhabi Airport but fly out on a different Airline at a Different Terminal or different Airport in a different city of UAE. This visa is important to catch another flight.

Being a citizen of GCC countries, do I need a transit visa in Abu Dhabi?

No, all of the GCC country residents do not require any kind of visa to enter the emirate. Anyhow, if you are a citizen of except GCC countries but living in GCC country then you may require a visa to enter the emirate. That’s why, check the exempt list either you are eligible for a visa on arrival or not.

Do I need Transit Visa Abu Dhabi with 4 hours layover?

No, in this case, you do not need to get a transit visa to reach your desired destination. Transit is only required in the case when you have a long flight layover of 8 hours or longer.

Can I get an extension on a transit visa?

No, you can’t get any extension in all kinds of transit visas. If you want an extension then reapply for a new one. Further, it is a single-entry visa and you can only use it once.