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29 Sep, 2023

Dubai visit visa new Rules 2024

Dubai visit visa new Rules 2024

Do you familiar with Dubai's advanced visa system? There is no longer sponsor or host required for such visas. In addition, this system provides flexible visa duration to fulfill the object of the visit. Further, such visas are valid up to 60 days from the date of issuance. Moreover, it can be renewed for a similar period and permits single or multiple entries.

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What is the Dubai visit visa extension rules for 2024?

Recently, UAE introduced 10 types of entry visas that do not require a sponsor or host to proceed. Do you familiar with the objective of these new rules? The main objective is to simplify the entry requirements for visitors to perform various activities. Do you know what the most interesting aspects of Dubai visit visa new rules 2024?

You will get a flexible duration for single or multiple entries. Also, the immigration departments finished the rules of extension in visas without leaving the country. One, who is willing to extend his visa, must leave the country before reapplying.

The UAE government provided relaxations in visit visa extension during Covid-19. For now, all the policies are back to pre-pandemic norms. In addition, if someone is trying to get an extension on their visa while staying in the country then his application will be denied. Overall, new rules indicate that one must leave the country to get an extension on his/her visit visa.

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What is Dubai visit visa overstay rules 2024?

Firstly, one cannot leave the emirate without obtaining an outpass or exit permit. From where one can acquire an outpass? You can either collect from the land border or from airport immigration. In addition, you can also obtain it from the Al Awir immigration office but you need to pay some charges.

Visitors with overstay need to pay the full fine. In addition, you will not be asked for a fine during the grace period of 10 days. Anyhow, an overstay fine starts after the grace period.

An important note:

If someone is not leaving the emirate due to flight cancellation or airport closure then an overstay fine will not be imposed on that person.

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Major difference between New rules and Old rules

Dubai visits visa new rules 2023 states that no one can reapply or renew their visas except leaving the country. Shortly, we can say no one can renew or extend their visit visas within the country. In previous years, visitors could extend their visas while staying in the country due to the lockdown.

For now, these rules are not applicable and replaced by new ones. Consequently, visitors should leave the country to reapply for or renew their visas. Anyhow, you can visit the nearest country like Oman or Kuwait for a short stay. Thus, this formality can be done and you can easily reapply to extend your visa.

Depart from Dubai is essential to extend your visit visa

According to Dubai, visit visa rules 2023, one must depart Dubai to get an extension on his visa. Visitors can move to the nearest countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, or Saudi Arabia for a short stay. After this, reapply to extend your visit visa.

Consequently, you will be able to reenter the emirate. So, leaving Dubai is an essential requirement to renew or extend a visit visa. Visit visa holders cannot extend their visas while living in the emirate.

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Are you a Dubai visit visa holder and don’t familiar with Dubai visit visa new rules 2023? According to this rule, visitors can’t extend their visas except leave the country. However, you can migrate to the nearest countries such as Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi, or any Gulf country.

In addition, you can also move to your home if you want. But I will not recommend you go back home and then reapply and again come to Dubai. it's not only costly but also wastes your time. A Cheap Dubai visa or voyage plane assists you in this regard.

Frequently asked questions

What are the new rules about visiting visas in Dubai?

According to the new rules, visitors must depart the country to renew their visit visas. In addition, no one can get an extension on a visit visa within the emirate. So, all visitors must leave the country as their visas expired. However, you can migrate to Bahrain, Oman, or any nearest country to reapply. Thus, you can extend your visit visa.

Why I cannot extend my visit visa within Dubai?

Because of the Dubai visit visa new rules 2023, no one can extend the visit visa duration within the country. You must leave the emirate to get an extension on your visit visa to Dubai.

Is there any agency that can assist me to extend visit visa?

Yes, cheap Dubai visa is a trusted agency that assists their clients to depart from Dubai to a nearby country. Thus, you don’t need to go back home and then reapply. We being an agency provide you with the facility to move to nearby countries with reasonable charges.

What happened if do not leave the country after the visa’s expiration?

You will get a specific grace period to leave the country. But still, if you don’t leave the country then you will be fined for overstaying.

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