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29 Sep, 2023

Dubai Visa Rejections

Dubai Visa Rejections

Thousands of people, often younger group, seek a Dubai Visa every year. The country offers some of the best educational and job opportunities globally, attracting people from all over the world. It's also known for its beauty, culture, politics, social environment, and health and recreational parks.

Applying for a visa to the United Arab Emirates is relatively straightforward. They do, however, place a premium on security and compliance with the law. Read the emirate's rules and regulations and the

Dubai Visa guidelines before applying for a Dubai Visa

It's the only way to avoid being turned down for a Dubai Visa. But unfortunately, a single minor blunder could shatter your goal of visiting Dubai.

So, while applying for a visa to Dubai, which is tight for national security reasons, consider the following ten common causes for visa application refusal in Dubai.

8 Most Frequent Reason for Visa Cancellation in Dubai

Typographical Errors

Specific typographical errors in your name, code, spelling, date of birth, and number, for example, could result in your Dubai Visa being rejected. It's one of the most common and minor blunders that individuals don't realize must be avoided to obtain a Dubai visa.

Handwritten passports are no longer considered valid or permitted in any country, not alone in Dubai.

Fill in each column of your visa application with accurate and error-free data. Your application will be rejected even if there is a spelling mistake or a data mismatch.

  1. Handwritten passports are no longer valid.
  2. An inaccurate application 
  3. Women below the age of 25 are not permitted to travel to Dubai alone or may face delays.

Dubai's emphasis on security and rules cannot be overlooked. For example, the authorization of a lady under the age of 25 to travel to Dubai may be delayed. It is one of the stringent measures implemented by Dubai authorities to reduce the possibility of human trafficking in the country.

If you are below the age of 25, you may face delays or visa refusal if you apply for a Dubai visa without your parents or guardians.

Residence Visa that hasn't been revoked

If you did not revoke your previous visit visa before leaving the country, your visa application might be rejected. The UAE immigration office will check the authenticity of your previous resident visa before releasing it to allow you to revisit your destination country.

Unskilled Person's Passport Occupation

Passports with unskilled occupations are not accepted in Dubai. Unskilled occupations are those that do not necessitate formal education or skills. For example, unskilled workers include cashiers, grocery clerks, farmers, and cleaners.

Criminal record in the UAE or anywhere in the world

If you have a history of criminal crimes, misbehavior, or fraud, your Dubai visa application may be denied.

Previous Trip to Dubai for a Prolonged Duration

It's dangerous, but people do it all the time. Even after their visas expire, they remain in the nation.

So, what happens when a visitor visits a country with an expired passport?

  1. His name is blacklisted
  2. He could face a three-month or longer sentence in prison.
  3. He might have to pay a lot of fees and fines.
  4. He could be deported to his own country.

The individual should cancel his visa automatically before leaving the country of destination. If he does not do so, intentionally or inadvertently, he will be subjected to the repercussions when he applies for the visa again.

The photo is not clear or blurred

For the immigration officials to recognize you, you must have a clear photo on your passport. Therefore, to avoid delays or rejection, submit your application for UAE immigration online with images of your passport copies that are not smudged or 100 percent clear.

These are the most common causes of visa rejection in Dubai. However, if you avoid the reasons listed above, your visa will be approved.

How Can You Find Out If Your Dubai Visa Was Rejected?

To check your visa status, go to the embassy's website and enter the information below.

  1. Passport number
  2. Application ID
  3. Tracking number
  4. Interview location

How Can You Find Out Why Your Dubai Visa Was Rejected?

Dubai Government does provide a reason for rejections This procedure enables the candidate to reapply with a flawless application.

For more details regarding the Dubai visa, contact

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