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29 Sep, 2023

Dubai Visa from South Africa

Dubai Visa from South Africa

South African citizens are eligible for UAE or Dubai e visa. Further, getting a Dubai visa from South Africa is at your fingertips. If you are a South African citizen and want to explore Dubai, it is essential to apply for Dubai visa to get an entry permit. Are you thinking about how can you apply?

What is the procedure? Either South African citizen can get visas on arrival or not? By reading this article, you will get all the answers that are roaming in your mind.

First, I want to mention that South African citizens need a visa to enter Dubai. Secondly, they can’t get a visa on-arrival facility in Dubai. However, you can apply through our website cheap Dubai visa.

Apply Dubai Visa from South Africa

Types of Dubai tourist visas for South African citizens

Single entry visas

14 days single entry visa

14 days single entry visa allows South African citizens to stay in the country for 14 days. It is neither extendable nor renewable. Thus, one can enjoy Dubai tourism for 14 days with this single entry visa.

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30 days single entry visa

South African citizens who are willing to enjoy tourism in Dubai can apply for 30 days single entry visa. This visa allows visitors to stay in the country for a month. Further, this visa is extendable and renewable. Thus, you can either get an extension or leave the country.

Apply 30 Days Dubai Visa from South Africa

60 days single entry visa

60 days single entry visa for South African citizens is an opportunity to spend two-month duration in the Emirates. However, you will be glad to hear that you can get an extension for

60 days single entry visa

Multiple entry visas

30 days multiple entry visa

The multiple entry visa permits South African citizens to visit the country for thirty days but with multiple entries. It means, after completing your 30 days period the visa will not expire. Thus, you can also get an extension on your visa.

60 days multiple entry visa

Multiple entry visas are that kind of visa that allows you visit a country again and again but for a specific period. So, the 60 days multiple entry visa is an entry permit for South Africans to enjoy Dubai for 60 days. However, they can also apply for an extension, and thus citizens can get more time to spend in Dubai.

Types of transit visa for South African citizens

48-hour transit visa

It is a single-entry visa and permits African citizens to stay in the country for 2 days. It is important to note that it neither be extended nor renewed. So, one can only visit the country for 48 hours and must leave the country when the time period is completed.

Apply 48 hour transit visa

96-hour transit visa

It is a 4 days single entry permit for African citizens. Further, it is also non-extendable and non-renewable. So, it is essential to leave the country after spending 96 hours into Dubai.

Apply 96 hour transit visa

Required documents for South African citizens

There are two key documents that you need to get Dubai visa from South Africa.

  • Firstly, the candidate must possess a valid passport with six months of validity.
  • Secondly, passport-size photographs with plain white or blue backgrounds.
  • It’s good news for South African as they don’t need a bank statement to avail Dubai visas.

How to apply for a Dubai visa from South Africa

  • Firstly, go to our website and select the visa type according to your match.
  • Secondly, there would be an application form that you need to fill out.
  • Next, provide all the above-mentioned documents (passport copy and photographs).
  • The final step is to pay the fees for your visa.
  • Wait until your visa application is under processing.
  • You will be informed via email or WhatsApp once you’re UAE or Dubai visa is approved.

Visa processing time

Usually, the visa processing time is about 1-2 business days. Somehow, it can be extended up to 3 days. When your Dubai visa is processed you will be informed via contact information that you have provided in your application form.

Get an express visa service

The express visa service means to avoid the long term paper work and standing in the queue. Thus, express visa service provides an assurance to get your Dubai visa in one day. What is the major benefit to avail of express service?

The major advantage of using express visa service is to get your Dubai visa in a single day.

Tips to travel to Dubai

  • Pack your luggage according to the weather.
  • Always keep your passport with you.
  • Dubai is an Islamic country so respect their traditions. If you are a female then adapt dress modesty.
  • You can only use shorts or nighty on beach places as it is prohibited on public places.
  • Don’t consume alcohol in public places.

Frequently asked Questions

Being a South African citizen, may I get a visa on arrival in Dubai?

No, a visa on arrival is only valid for certain countries. Sadly, you can’t avail visa on arrival services from South Africa.

Can I extend a Dubai tourist visa (both single entry and multiple entries)?

Yes, both are visas extendable except for 14 days single entry visa.

Can I get a Dubai visa in one day from South Africa?

Yes, by using express services you can avail Dubai visa in a single day.

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