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29 Sep, 2023

Dubai Sim Card For Dubai Tourists

Dubai Sim Card For Dubai Tourists

You will find everything in the world in these malls. It's not limited to clothes, jewelry, watches or etc. but you can also get your Dubai sim card from major shopping hubs. Further, it includes the mall of emirates and Dubai mall. Abu Dhabi is also another famous city in UAE.

Here you can visit sheikh zayd grand mosque. This mosque consists of 82 domes and sky-perceptive minarets. Whenever you go to UAE, never forget to see this mosque.

Besides this, it's important to take a guide about Dubai sim cards. Mobile phones are our basic needs. But mobile phones are nothing without when your Dubai visa is ready you should get info about the Dubai sim card. Likewise, it assists you to connect with your family and friends.

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Sim card services in Dubai

You can avail of three major sim card services in Dubai. Travelers can select from Virgin Mobile, du, and Etisalat. You can get post-paid and prepaid mobile phone offers for calls, texts, and internet packages.

Moreover, you can also receive these sim cards from Dubai airport. If you forget to purchase a Dubai sim card at Dubai airport then you can buy it from shopping malls. consequently, it's not hard to find out a sim card in Dubai.

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Dubai tourist sim cards


Airalo has explored a unique idea to make communication easier. There are numerous smartphones that come with eSim. It is already embedded in the device. Very few people are familiar with the use of eSim.

Moreover, it is the first time store in the world. It sells local and international sims. Likewise, it is easy to set up. There are different esim packages are available for Dubai. You can choose and purchase according to yours. If you want to purchase this sim for Dubai you need to select UAE.

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Airport wifi

Dubai international airport is providing free wifi services. to utilize this service you only need to turn on the wifi on your phone. Now click on a public network and select DXB free wifi.

Now you need to open a web browser and click “Get online now”. Consequently, you will get high-speed free wifi.

Tourists can also get a free sim card at Dubai airport. You can get free talk time and data with this free sim. If you are 18 years old then you can get a Dubai sim card. Besides this, you are not eligible to get a free or paid sim.

It's essential to be 10 years old or above to get a sim card in Dubai. Moreover, a passport and valid visit visa need to be shown. These documents are required for identification and verification purpose.

This free sim card is valid for only one month. Likewise, it is preloaded with 3 Flexi minutes and 20 MB of data. Now the question arises where you can get this sim? You can get this free sim at the passport control counter.

Moreover, you can obtain it before the baggage collection. Tourists from any flight can avail of the services of the free sim.

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Main telecom service provider

There are only two telecom service providers in Dubai. Furtber it includes Du and Etisalat. There is no specific difference is reported in signal strength, coverage, or speed between the 2 networks. if you want to roam the untravelled roads then Etisalat is the best-prepaid sim.

You can also purchase Dubai sim cards from commercial centers. The mobile network representatives can assist you in this regard.

Malls wifi

The malls of Dubai are not only elegant shopping destinations. These are also amazing entertaining hubs. It provides you with a wide option of shopping. Moreover, it includes International lifestyle and fashion brands.

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Can you use your phone in UAE?

UAE uses GSM technology in mobile communication. The UAE does not support CDMA phones. Furthermore, make sure your phone is also operated with GSM technology. It is a digital mobile network.

Likewise, it is widely used in Europe and other countries of the world. It is operated with 900 or 1800 megahertz frequency bands.

GSM network provides quick data transmission and voice calls at the same instant. Besides this, it is impossible with CDMA. That’s why GSM gained popularity. If your device supports medium/high-end devices with Tri-Band or Quad-Band then you can use it in UAE.

Where can travelers get a sim card in Dubai?

Tourist can get their sim card from telecom operators. GCC citizens, visit visas, transit visas, and visas on arrival can avail of this service.

Furthermore, they will get 1 GB of mobile data. The validity of this data would be for 24 hours. Another local operator also has kiosks at the airport. In this way, business travelers and tourists can get prepaid sim cards.

Moreover, they will also get several offers and discounts on data, voice, and texts. It is also convenient to get a sim card from a shopping hub.

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How long are visitors' sim cards valid?

Every sim has its own validity period. It varies from network to network. Let's take an example du cards are valid for 90 days. Etisalat serves as a 10-day or 28-day option. virgin mobile plans are valid for 7, 10, or 15 days. you can use prepaid recharge cards to renew or purchase voice and data bundles.

Moreover, also remember UAE country codes are +971. Also, remember that UAE mobile numbers are 10 digits long.

Buy a sim card in UAE

It is a simple and easy process to buy a sim card in Dubai. The resident can go to Dubai sim card shops with their ID. Make sure you are 18 years old to avail of a sim card. In this way, you can get desired plans according to your needs.

Tourists can also buy a Dubai sim card depending on their needs. Tourist needs to show their visa and passport to get it.

Activation procedure for UAE sim cards

If you are a tourist and received a complementary sim then need to activate this. For this purpose, you only need to dial *112# and then enter your passport number. Moreover don’t forget to mention the date of arrival and country along passport number. You will receive a confirmation message after activation.

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It is necessary to learn about Dubai sim cards. It helps you to get a tourism sim card and its activation. In this article, you can get all the information about UAE sim cards. The most important thing to getting a Dubai sim is your age.

You should be older than 18 years. it is the basic requirement to get a sim card in Dubai. Also, make sure your phones are operated on GSM technology. CDMA-based mobile phones will not work in UAE.

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