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12 Feb, 2024

Does Emirates Offer Dubai Visa?

Does Emirates Offer Dubai Visa?

Does Emirates offer Dubai visa? While Emirates Airlines doesn't directly issue visas, they offer convenient options to help you secure one smoothly. Whether you prefer a pre-arranged application or the visa-on-arrival route, Emirates has resources and information to guide you.

This blog dives deep into Emirates' role in facilitating your Dubai visa - from understanding your options to navigating the application steps.

So, read on and prepare for a hassle-free visa journey to the land of soaring skyscrapers and endless desert adventures.

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Does Emirates Offer Dubai Visa?

Emirates Airline does not directly offer its own Dubai visas. You can apply for and obtain your UAE visa online if you use Emirates to travel to or stop in Dubai.

You do not need to send in your passport to have it stamped. Once you have scheduled your Emirates flight, you can apply for your UAE visa using their Manage your booking feature.

a. Pre-arranged visa application

You can apply for a Dubai visa through their partner VFS Global during the booking process on Emirates' website. This option lets you electronically submit your application and visa fees directly while booking your flight.

VFS Global handles the processing and communication with the UAE government on your behalf. This service is unavailable for all nationalities, so check if you're eligible on their website.

b. Visa on arrival

Some nationalities qualify for a visa on arrival at Dubai International Airport. Emirates provides information on eligibility and the process on its website. However, visa on arrival can be subject to longer waiting times and potential denial at the airport.

Emirates and Dubai Visa Services

Emirates, a major airline based in Dubai, plays a pivotal role in facilitating the Dubai visa process for its passengers. While not a direct issuer of visas, Emirates acts as a critical intermediary in streamlining the application process.

The airline collaborates closely with relevant authorities to ensure passengers have access to accurate information and a smooth visa application experience. Emirates offers a range of Dubai visa options tailored to the diverse needs of travelers. These may include tourist visas, business visas, and other categories depending on the purpose of the visit.

The airline serves as a conduit between passengers and the visa application process, aiming to provide convenient solutions for those planning to travel to Dubai.

Emirates also provides convenient customer service, going above and beyond just flights to offer visa assistance. By giving customers access to the required resources, information, and guidance, the airline helps to streamline the visa application process.

Passengers on Emirates bound for Dubai benefit from this cooperative approach to their overall travel experience.

Types of Dubai Visas Offered by Emirates

Emirates offers a comprehensive array of Dubai visa options for diverse travel purposes. This includes a detailed exploration of tourist visas, business visas, and potentially other categories.

Each visa type is designed to meet specific requirements, ensuring passengers have the appropriate documentation for their stay in Dubai. Understanding the eligibility criteria for each type of Dubai visa is crucial.

Emirates clarifies the requirements, helping passengers determine the most suitable visa category based on their purpose of travel. Clear guidelines on eligibility contribute to a more informed and efficient application process.

Emirates guides passengers through the Dubai visa application process, offering insights into the required documentation and steps. Whether applying online or through designated channels, passengers receive support to ensure a smooth application experience.

This comprehensive approach aligns with Emirates' commitment to delivering exceptional service throughout the travel journey.

Comparisons with Other Airlines

Emirates may distinguish itself by offering unique features or advantages in its visa services. This could include faster processing times, enhanced customer support, or additional conveniences not commonly found with other airlines.

Identifying these distinctive features helps passengers recognize the added value Emirates brings to the visa application process.

Airlines (Resources and Information)

Etihad Airways

  • Detailed information on Dubai visas on their website
  • Eligibility requirements, visa types, and links to the official UAE government visa portal
  • "Visa checker" tool for determining eligibility for visa on arrival


  • Dedicated website page outlining Dubai visa requirements and application procedures
  • Links to relevant resources
  • Visa assistance service through a third-party partner

Qatar Airways

  • Comprehensive information on Dubai Visas
  • Links to the government portal and relevant FAQs

Oman Air

  • Visa on arrival at Dubai Airport for certain eligible countries when flying with Oman Air


  • Visa on arrival at Dubai Airport for specific nationalities when flying with Saudia

Emirates' Visa Application Process

Emirates provides crucial advice and considerations to increase the effectiveness of the visa application process. Advice on preparing documents, comprehending visa requirements, and guaranteeing timely submission are a few examples of these insights.

By adhering to these recommendations, passengers can navigate the application process seamlessly, reducing the likelihood of delays or complications.

Tips and Recommendations

Check eligibility: Before booking your flight, verify if your nationality qualifies for this service on Emirates' or VFS Global's websites. Not all nationalities can use this option.

Apply early: Processing visas can take some time, particularly during busy times of the year. Apply at least four weeks before the date of your trip, and if necessary, consider expedited options.

Double-check details: Carefully review all information on your application form & documents for accuracy and completeness. Ensure everything matches your passport and travel plans.

Understand the fees: Familiarize yourself with the visa fees and any additional service charges from VFS Global before applying.

Track your application: Utilize the online tracking system provided by VFS Global to monitor the progress of your application and address any requests for additional information promptly.


With Emirates' Dubai visa services at your disposal, planning your ideal trip to Dubai is only a few clicks away! This blog has addressed your inquiries, offered helpful advice, and emphasized the benefits of using Emirates' support.

Remember, checking your eligibility early, applying well in advance, and attending to document details are crucial for a smooth process. So, what are you waiting for? Explore Emirates' visa options, follow our recommendations, and get ready to experience the magic of Dubai.

Does Emirates provide Dubai visa?

Yes, Emirates facilitates Dubai visa services for its passengers. However, it's important to note that Emirates is not the direct issuer of visas; it acts as an intermediary, aiding travelers in visa application.

Which airlines provide UAE visa?

Several airlines, including Emirates, may assist passengers in obtaining a UAE visa. The availability of this service can vary among airlines, so travelers should check with their chosen airline for specific information.

How can I get UAE visa for Dubai?

To get a UAE visa for Dubai, travelers can typically apply through the airline they are flying with or use the official UAE government visa application portal. The application procedure entails paying the relevant visa fees and submitting the required paperwork, which includes copies of your passport and travel itinerary.

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