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29 Sep, 2023

Do I need Dubai Transit Visa

Do I need Dubai Transit Visa

Transit visa Dubai is issued to an individual who is transiting from one destination to another and also provides proof of valid tickets for onward journey. However, a Dubai transit visa is an entry permit for people who have longer layovers more than 8 hours.

When do you need a transit visa in Dubai? If you are transiting in UAE then you need a transit visa. If you are neither eligible for a visa on arrival nor from the exemption.  Secondly, if your onward flights are in the next 48 or 96 hours.

Furthermore, If you want to keep a voluntary transit in Dubai to explore UAE while on the way to your home or final destination. Moreover, If you want to connect via Emirates and catch a different flight to a different country.

How to apply for an online Transit Visa Dubai?

  • Go to cheap Dubai visa site
  • Fill out the application form 
  • Submit the mentioned documents
  • Pay the fee
  • Get express visa service 

Types of Transit Visa Dubai

48-hour transit visa Dubai

Passengers who are transiting through UAE airports for a period of between eight to 48 hours need a transit visa. Furthermore, those who are traveling onward to a third destination. This visa is valid for 14 days from the date of issuance.

Further, this is non-extendable, non-renewable, and only valid for a single-entry. Thus, one can’t utilize the second entry. However, one can only stay for 48 hours in the country. When this duration is completed please leave the country because you can’t renew this visa.

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96-hour Transit Visa Dubai

Passengers who are transiting in UAE from 8 hours to 96 hours need a transit visa. Furthermore, if you are catching other flights through Emirates then this visa is for you. Besides this, if you have limited time to stay in Dubai and have an urgent piece of work then you can choose 96 hour Dubai transit visa.

The validity of a 96-hour transit visa is 14 days from the date of issuance. In addition, this visa allows you to stay for 96 hours in the country. The same rules are applies on both visas as one must leave the country when the duration is completed. This is also a single-entry, non-extendable and non-renewable visa.

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Documents Required For Dubai Visa

  • Passport copy
  • Passport sized Photo
  • Hotel booking proof
  • Air ticket booking that includes the layover in Dubai and travels to the final destination.
  • A Visa or residency proof to the main destination.

Do UAE connecting flights needs a transit visa?

Yes, if you have a connecting flight via different airports in Dubai or different terminals then you need to transit in UAE. However, there are two kinds of transit visas and thus you can apply according to your need.

Can I travel to Dubai during transit?

Yes, this thing depends on how long you have between flights. For example, if you have a couple of hours on your flight then you can leave the airport. But if you have limited time on your flight then please don’t leave the airport.

Can I get an online transit visa in Dubai?

Yes, by applying through a cheap Dubai visa website you can get an instant transit visa with less documentation.

How long Dubai transit visa is valid?

The UAE transit visas are valid for 14 days from the date of issuance. However, you can only stay in the country for a specific duration. For example, if you got a 48-hour transit visa then you can only stay for two days.

After this duration, you can’t stay in the country. If you will stay then you will be fined.

What is the purpose of a Dubai transit visa?

Dubai transit visas have different purposes. For example, passengers who have longer layovers of more than 8 hours need transit visas. Furthermore, if they want to catch different flights from different airports then they also need a transit visa.

Also, when someone wants to explore UAE then they can transit.

Moreover, if someone wants to arrange a meeting or meet with someone for a short duration then this visa is an ideal entry permit. Thus, one can utilize these visas for various purposes.

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