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19 Feb, 2024

Can Dubai Visa Be Cancelled After Approval?

Can Dubai Visa Be Cancelled After Approval?

A critical component of traveling from abroad to Dubai involves understanding the visa approval process and possible cancellations. Although receiving approval is exciting because it means you can finally travel, there may be times when you need to cancel your visa due to unexpected events or changes in your plans.

Can Dubai Visa Be Cancelled After Approval?

We explore the complexities of canceling a Dubai visa after it has been approved in this guide, providing helpful details on the steps, conditions, and crucial factors for various visa kinds.

Can Dubai Visa Be Cancelled After Approval?

Yes, a Dubai visa can be canceled after approval, but it depends on the type of visa and who the sponsor is:

For tourist/visit/leisure visas:

  • You do not need to cancel the visa if you decide not to travel. These visas expire automatically after 60 days from the date of issuance.
  • If you want to cancel before the expiry date, your guarantor within the country (usually a travel agency) can request cancellation through the GDRFA website/app or an AMER Center.
  • A cancellation fee applies.

For residence visas:

  • Cancellation is mandatory if you leave the UAE permanently.
  • Your sponsor must initiate the cancellation process. They can do this online or in person through the GDRFA.
  • As the visa holder, you cannot directly cancel your own visa.

Cancellation Fee For Visa

AED 110 is the current cancellation fee for a UAE visa. Either your employer or your sponsor will cover the cost. Nevertheless, if you are canceling a family member's visa, you will be responsible for paying for it.

Health Insurance Post Visa Cancellation In The Uae

Medical insurance is obligatory for individuals residing and working in the UAE, typically provided by sponsors or employers as mandated by law. However, your health insurance status becomes critical when your employer cancels your visa.

Upon visa cancellation, your employer must extend health coverage for the 30-day grace period. Nevertheless, if your health insurance is set to renew earlier, there might be a gap in coverage for the entire duration.

It is imperative to review the terms of your health insurance before canceling your UAE visa. Ensuring comprehensive coverage throughout your remaining stay in the country is essential for your well-being and peace of mind.

What Do You Need To Cancel A UAE Visa?

When your sponsor is canceling your UAE visa, they need to provide the following:

  • A signed UAE visa cancellation form from the sponsor.
  • Your actual passport.
  • If you're outside the UAE during the cancellation, they may also need a computerized extract of your Residence Visa from the UAE's Naturalisation and Residency Department.
  • Your original ID card.
  • If your sponsor is also your employer, they need approval from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation and the company stamp on the signed UAE visa cancellation form.

How much time does it take to cancel a UAE visa?

The UAE visa cancellation process is typically swift, often completed within 1 or 2 working days. If your sponsor also needs to cancel your Labour Card, it might add only one extra working day, bringing the total time to about three working days.

How To Cancel A Dubai Visa After Approval

A. Contacting the Relevant Authorities

Identify the relevant government department or agency overseeing visa affairs to initiate the Dubai visa cancellation process. Once identified, obtain the contact information for the designated visa cancellation department, including their phone numbers and email addresses. It is crucial to act promptly at this stage.

Contact the department to inform them formally of your intent to cancel the visa. This proactive approach ensures the cancellation process begins smoothly and allows efficient communication with the authorities.

B. Submission of a Formal Cancellation Request

Compose a formal request for Dubai visa cancellation by clearly articulating the reasons for the cancellation. In the request, include crucial details such as the visa reference number, comprehensive applicant information, and the proposed cancellation date. It is imperative to present any supporting documentation or evidence substantiating the need for cancellation.

This may involve attaching relevant documents such as medical certificates, employment termination letters, or revised flight itineraries. Providing a well-documented and detailed request enhances the likelihood of a successful and expedited visa cancellation process.

C. Documentation Requirements

Collect the original visa documents, encompassing the visa approval letter and any other pertinent paperwork associated with your visa. Simultaneously, prepare a written explanation that elucidates the circumstances necessitating the cancellation request.

Depending on the specific reasons for cancellation, it may be necessary to provide supplementary documents such as medical certificates, employment termination letters, or revised flight itineraries.

D. Timelines for the Cancellation Process

Stay mindful of the designated time frames for submitting a cancellation request following the approval of your Dubai visa. Gain a clear understanding of the processing time required for visa cancellation and incorporate this information into your travel plans. It is crucial to promptly adhere to any deadlines specified by the authorities to mitigate potential complications.

By being proactive and adhering to the outlined timelines, you ensure a smoother cancellation process and reduce the risk of encountering issues arising from delays or non-compliance with regulatory requirements.

Considerations Before Cancelling Your UAE Visa

Before proceeding with the cancellation of your UAE visa and departing the country, ensure you address the following key details:

  • Close your bank account.
  • Verify that you have received your employer's salaries, benefits, and settlements. Be cautious to sign confirmation letters only if you have received them.
  • Settle all outstanding utility bills.
  • Cancel your tenancy contract.
  • If applicable, sell your car.


After approval, navigating the Dubai visa cancellation process calls for initiative and knowledge. By knowing the official procedures, following the documentation requirements, and keeping deadlines in mind, people can effectively manage the cancellation process and deal with changing circumstances.

Can visa get Cancelled after approval?

Yes, a visa can be canceled after approval. The cancellation process varies depending on the type of visa and the specific circumstances.

What is the rule for visa cancellation in Dubai?

Tourist/visit/leisure visas expire after 60 days but can be canceled earlier with a fee through GDRFA or an AMER Center. Leaving the UAE requires the sponsor to initiate cancellation through GDRFA, online or in person for residence visas.

Can a visa be revoked after approval?

Yes, a visa can be revoked after approval, mainly if there are violations of visa terms or changes in circumstances that warrant cancellation. However, the specific reasons and procedures for revocation would depend on the laws and regulations of the issuing country, in this case, the UAE.

How much does it cost to cancel a visa in Dubai?

Dubai visa cancellation costs vary by type and circumstances. Tourist visas may incur a cancellation fee; check with authorities for current rates. Additional expenses like fines for overstaying may apply for residence visas, so it's crucial to be aware of potential costs before initiating the cancellation process.

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