Abu Dhabi transit visa for Indian

  • 11 February 2023
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Abu Dhabi transit visa for Indian

The Abu Dhabi transit visa for Indian is a single-entry visa for people who need to spend more than 8 hours in Abu Dhabi or the UAE as part of airport transit. This means that if your stay in Abu Dhabi is longer than 8 hours, you will need to apply for a transit visa.

You can apply for one of two transit visas in Abu Dhabi, depending on how long you plan to stay. The various types of Abu Dhabi transit visas for Indians are as follows:

  • 48 Hours Transit Visa: This visa is issued to travelers who have a layover of 8 to 48 hours. It is a single-entry transit visa. You must apply in advance for an Indian transit visa.

Please keep in mind that a 48-hour transit visa cannot be extended to a 96-hour transit visa once issued.

  • 96-hour Transit Visa: The Abu Dhabi 96-hour transit visa is issued to visitors staying in Abu Dhabi for 8 to 96 hours. This is a one-time entry visa as well. As a result, you are required to leave the UAE within 96 hours of your arrival.

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Why should Indians choose this for transit?

The airport is also known as the AUH aerodrome. Many Indians believe that this is one of the most comfortable options for a connecting flight or layover. All commuters are directed here by the staff. Traveling from one terminal to the other is quick and easy, taking only twenty minutes, which is shorter than at many other airports. Signs are pointing the way everywhere. This is a good layover option because it has all of the amenities needed to empower Indians with disabilities.

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Required documents:

  • a passport or travel document valid for at least three months
  • an identity with a white background
  • onward ticket purchase to a third destination other than the one from which you are departing

How do Indians get the Abu Dhabi transit visa?

You can easily apply for a visa as an Indian citizen online. Simply follow these steps and then unwind in your own home.

Step 1: Provide your personal information on the visa application form. During this step, you must also select a processing time for your application.

Step 2: The next step is to make the payment using the preferred payment method.

Step 3: The final step is to upload any additional documents for processing that have been requested. We will go over everything and start processing.

Wait for your travel document to arrive in your inbox within the specified time frame. If it does not appear in your inbox, it may be in SPAM.

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Transit visa Validity:

The Abu Dhabi transit visa for Indian is valid for:

  • It has been 14 days since the date of issuance.
  • Applicants must use their visas within the time frames specified.
  • The visa is activated upon the applicant's entry.

Applicants must have stayed for the specified periods (as determined by their preferred visa type, i.e., transit visa of 48 hours or transit visa of 96 hours).

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How long does it take to get an Abu Dhabi transit visa?

The general question is how long it takes to process and deliver the Abu Dhabi transit visa to the applicant. As with all visa types, processing times are dependent on the transit visa, and specific visa periods must be agreed upon.

Abu Dhabi Transit visa for 48 hours- processing takes 2-3 days, but it may take longer. The applicant will be granted a maximum stay of three days; no grace periods are provided by the emirate's country for this visa type. This visa type is restricted to a single entry. Abu Dhabi Transit visa for 96 hours- processing time is 4-5 days, but it may take longer. The applicant will be granted a maximum stay of 5 days; no grace periods are provided by the emirate's country for this visa type. This visa type is restricted to a single entry. The processing times specified are only valid for working days, and all documents submitted by the applicant must be genuine and justified.

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