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90 Days Dubai Tourist Visa

Are you planning to visit Dubai on a visa? If yes, we can help you solve your issue. Dubai is a country that attracts many tourists due to the marvels that it holds. One will not get bored here, especially those who love shopping and adventure. However to enter the country one needs to find out what visa rules are applied according to their nationality. The following tells you about the 90 Days Dubai Visa.


What are 90 days Dubai visa?

This is a long-term visa. It is possible to apply for this with a single-entry or even multiple-entry provision.

Documents required

For the 90 Days Dubai visa you will need to submit the following documents:

  • Clear copy of your valid passport that is valid for at least six months
  • A clear photograph of the applicant applying for the visa taken on white background
  • Proof of return flight tickets to along with from Dubai

Validity of 90 days Visa

The visa is applicable for 90 days from the date that they give it to you. You can stay for 90 days in Dubai from the date of your entry.

Non-Extendable Visa & Single Entry

You will get a single entry on the 90 days UAE visa when you apply for the single entry option. This means that you will only be allowed to enter and exit Dubai once. When you have a non-extendable visa, you will not be able to extend the number of days you can stay in Dubai with it. It is vital to apply for another Dubai Visa then.

Steps how to apply for 90 Days Dubai Visa

The visa application procedure is rather simple. You should follow the steps given on the website you are applying through. These may include:

  • Selecting the Visa Application Form from the menu
  • Filling in the visa application form with your valid information
  • You may be able to add more than one applicant to the application
  • Uploading the required documents
  • Making secured online payments via different options

If you decide to apply for the 90 Days Dubai Visa you should follow all the instructions and submit the right documents. You can check out Cheap visa.com for help when you are applying for a 90 days visa to Dubai. Enter all details correctly and honestly as you can face complications and a delay in the processing of the visa when this is not done.


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