30 Days Dubai Visa Within The Country

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30 Days Dubai Visa Within The Country

Over the past few years, Dubai has grown into a popular travel destination. If you want to visit friends or family for a brief period in the UAE, a 30-day visa is the best option for you. 60 days single-entry, single-exit short-term visa allows you to stay in Dubai for a maximum of 30 days. If you want to apply for a 30 days Dubai visa within the country, you only need to bring a copy of your passport. In 2-3 working days, your visa will be ready. If you have an urgent need, we will process your visa urgently, and you will receive it right away.


This visit visa is available to almost all tourists entering the UAE who are required to have a visa. Females under the age of 18 are not eligible for this visa unless accompanied by their parents. The 30 Days Dubai Tourist Visa is ideal for people who want to visit the UAE for a short period to visit family or friends. The requirements for obtaining a visit visa to Dubai vary depending on your nationality. This visa is a single-exit and single-entry visa designed only for visitors and short-term vacations.

If you want to stay in Dubai for 30 days, the 30 days Dubai Visa within the country is the best option. We will send you a 30-day UAE visa directly to your email. We require a guarantor for your visa to process it.

How Long Can I stay in the UAE With 30 days Dubai visa?

The 1 Month Dubai Visa allows you to stay in the UAE for up to 30 days and is valid for one entry. The visa will be valid for 60 days from the date of issue, but the stay should not exceed 30 days from the date of entry into the UAE.

You have 60 days from the date your visa is issued to enter the UAE, and your 30 days begin on the date you enter the country. You can enter the UAE through any airport and travel and stay anywhere in the UAE with this visa.

Documents Needed for a Dubai Visa Application

The following are common documents required for a 30-day Dubai visa within the country:

  • A passport with a six-month minimum validity period
  • A photocopy of the visa application form.
  • Copy scanned from two-color photographers on white background.

Solo women under the age of 24 who travel alone must obtain permission from their father or husband.

How to Apply Online for a 30 Days Dubai Visa

  • You must enter your name, contact information, nationality, travel date, and so on. You must correctly complete the online visa application.
  • Submit all original documents for visa processing.
  • You are free to pay with a credit card. You can also pay by bank transfer, PayPal, or cash.

A one-month UAE visa cannot be obtained through an embassy in the UAE. If you require this visa, you must contact a tour operator in the UAE. We will collect your documents and send them on your behalf to the UAE visa-issuing authorities.

Extending 30 Days Dubai Visa within the country

The 30-day Dubai visit visa can be extended for another 30 days twice. So, you must apply for the extension and have it approved by the appropriate authority. You can extend your UAE Visit Visa for another 30 days without leaving the country.


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