Khorfakkan, Sightseeing places to visit

  • 25 February 2023
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Khorfakkan, Sightseeing places to visit

Khorfakkan is the small and oldest town situated in UAE (Sharjah). Do you know why Sharjah is so populated? Khorfakkan beach is the reason behind its popularity. Further, there is a thriving coral reef in Khorfakkan. Moreover, it is the evidence of government conservational effort. Let's read everything about Khorfakkan.

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Khorfakkan beach

This 3 km beach crescent-shaped beach provides unlimited fun from diving to parasailing and kayaking. Likewise, it is considered the most famous tourist place in Sharjah. Children and adults enjoy swing sets and football goalposts. Due to the deep water, there are many fishing spots to create a huge catch. In addition, you can also do a short board ride from the beach.

Khorfakkan Sharjah

You will Experience excellent weather with cooling winds from Khorfakkan Sharjah. It is surrounded by a photogenic rock formation. Also, rugged Hajar Mountains. Further, it’s quite easy to take a leisurely walk along the Khorfakkan corniche. Get closer to the water by hopping on the dhow cruise. You can take a Jet Ski rental for a delightful ride.

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Khorfakkan heart beach

Khorfakkan heart beach is quite small in size and provides a pleasant walk on soft white sand. This sand loves your feet as you step into it. Clear water and calm waves provide you with a peaceful daze. Moreover, it will convince you to jump for a swim. In this way, you will experience marine life. Also, there are several natural gems of the underworld.

Khorfakkan hotels

Khorfakkan hotels provide an instant facility for rest to tourists or visitors. Here are some Khorfakkan hotels that you should choose while visiting Khorfakkan.

  • Ocean Khor-fakkan resort and spa
  • Al Marsa hotel apartment
  • Oyo 1012 Khorfakkan hotel apartment

There are also some other hotels in Khor-fakkan. You can enjoy dinner or take a rest. It's your choice.

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Khorfakkan waterfalls

Khorfakkan waterfalls attract tourists from around the globe. Do you know what the interesting thing about this waterfall is? It is man-made. It seems wonderful but doesn’t worry it's really made by man. You will get an amazing soothing experience with this waterfall. Also, it provides a stunning view to its visitors. Moreover, it is a marvelous place to catch your photos and videos.

Shees Park

Shees Park is located near Wadi Shees in Khorfakkan. This park offers tourists to escape from the emirate. This park took 8 months to build. Moreover, it covers an area of 11,362 m2. In addition, it contains 25 meters high wonderful man-made waterfall. It also consists kid's play region. Likewise, there is an outdoor theater obliging 70 visitors. This park is furnished with several features. If you are coming to UAE, it is highly recommended to visit.

Al Rafisah Dam

Khorfakkan main road opens the way to the beautiful Al Rafisah dam. It was built in the 1980s. Travel time, from Sharjah to Khor-fakkan is reduced by up to 45 minutes due to the existence of a new road. Thus, visitors can enjoy boating facilities. There is a mosque, children’s play area, parking lot, Supermarket, and much more. Besides this, there is a popular restaurant with a lake view that provides a unique experience. If you visit Khorfakkan, don’t forget to enjoy a dinner with a lake view.

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Hisn Khorfakkan museum

Why do you need to visit this museum? Here, every single exhibit describes Sharjah’s east coast history. Also, it exhibits al qawasim’s influence in the region. Photographs, artifacts, and 3D models are used to represent the museum themes. Moreover, there are different technology-driven means as well as the design of the building.

Al suhub rest area

Cloud lounge is introduced to explore the Khorfakkan Mountains. The mountainside rest stop offers panoramic views across Khor-fakkan. After entering, you will see several wonderful facilities. Moreover, it includes luxury restaurants and a lot. The complex includes all viewing points along the way. You can be entertained by arbors, shores, and mountains.

The fen café is a restaurant situated 600 meters above sea level. In addition, if you go to a restaurant and leave without having a meal then you can't exit without paying. Likewise, there is a prayer room and a multi-purpose room for visitors. Also, separate washrooms for males and females are made. It provides a fabulous view and it's worth visiting Khor-fakkan.

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Wadi al wurayah                                                        

It is one of the first mountain-secured regions in the United Arab Emirates. It consists 31,000-acre valley between the towns of khor-fakkan, masafi, and badiyah in UAE. There are 90 unique species of birds present in this valley. Furthermore, it is also known as the homeland of 208 plants. You should definitely visit this precious valley.

Frequently asked questions

What is the special and interesting thing in Khorfakkan?

There are several things to visit in this land. But one should never miss the waterfalls. As this waterfall is artificially prepared. You will not recognize either its natural waterfall or man-made. Besides this, you can also go to Hisn Khorfakkan museum, restaurants, or wadi al wurayah.

Is it worth visiting Khor-fakkan or not?

Obviously, if you planned to visit Sharjah then I advise you must go to the hidden beach. If you are tired of visiting desert areas then head straight to the mountain and beaches.

May I swim or not on Khorfakkan beach?

Yes, dude! It does not enable you to swim but also dive. Moreover, it’s a great time to enjoy boating or sailing on the hidden beach of UAE.

May I enjoy jet skiing at Khorfakkan heart beach?

Yes, you can enjoy jet skiing and sailing in Khorfakkan Sharjah.

Can kids play in Khorfakkan?

There is everything in this land. Not only your kids will play but also enjoys a different kind of matches. There is a separate destination for kids to play. Not kids, adults also can play.

Final words

Khorfakkan heart beach is a unique destination in Sharjah. There are numerous activities to perform. You will never get bored in this precious place. Moreover, you can see man-made waterfalls and capture your photos with them. Similarly, you can do sailing, boating, and jet skiing. Yes, here you can do several ideal things. Moreover, don’t forget to visit the Hisn Khorfakkan museum. You will get a lot from this museum. Moreover, there are several hotels and restaurants in khorfakkan. Also, if you entered a certain restaurant then can't leave before paying even if you haven’t eaten a meal. Enjoying a meal with a lake view is a wonderful site. Nothing ends here! Still, there is a lot to see, visit and enjoy. Don’t miss to explore Khorfakkan Sharjah. It's an ideal and dream place for tourists as well as visitors.

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