Azad visa Dubai, Freelance visa, All you need to know

  • 09 February 2023
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Azad visa Dubai, Freelance visa, All you need to know

Dubai is not popular only for its beauty but also for business. Millions of people around the world come here to do business. Azad visa Dubai is not different than a working visa. Moreover, only companies can provide this visa. The most interesting thing about the Azad visa is you do not need to do work under the company. However, you can do work freely. Further, you have the freedom to wander around and establish your own business.

Let’s understand the concept of Azad visa Dubai with an example. Let's suppose you are a driver or a carpenter and you don’t want to work under a company then this visa is for you. Consequently, you will be the employee of your company but in reality, you can do your work instead of that company. This visa provides you full freedom to do your own business.

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How will you get an Azad visa Dubai?

It’s quite simple and easy to get an Azad visa Dubai. You only need to contact a company or embassy that can provide you with this visa. If a company is established in Dubai then they will take your interview online. Moreover, if the company is established in your country then they will take your interview there. Consequently, under the exemption of a specific company, you will be able to work freely. After purchasing your Azad visa, you can also work for a company or start your own. The choice is yours what to do.

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Easy process to obtain Azad visa Dubai

  • To obtain an Azad visa you need to follow some steps carefully.
  • Firstly, choose your business or skill to work independently.
  • Secondly, you need to select an allowed activity and then select the free zone. Thus you can apply to the selected free zone website.
  • In addition, you need to submit the required documents with your portfolio.
  • Further, you will receive a confirmation letter after your application is approved. Moreover, you also need to sign this letter and send it back with the required documents.
  • Finally, you can obtain a Dubai Azad visa and collect your license.

Validity of Azad visa Dubai

It’s also necessary to know about the validity of Azad's visa. This visa is valid for 2 years but after this, you can extend the date. Likewise, to enhance the validity you need to pay separately. Consequently, you can do work in Dubai but for a specific duration. Moreover, this thing also depends on your passport’s validity.

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Medical test for Azad's visa

Medical test is the basic requirement to perform work in UAE. For this purpose, you must pass a medical test through government-approved health centers in UAE. Also, make sure you will not Azad visa before passing the medical test. If you are suffering from a serious disease then they will not allow staying. But if you don’t have a serious issue then no needs to worry.

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Azad visa Dubai provides you with an opportunity to work freely. You can get this visa from a company or an embassy in your country. If you are physically and mentally fit then it’s easy to get an Azad visa.

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